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Consumerism in the Church

Consumerism in the American Church?

Last week we had the privilege to video with Skye Jethani, the author of the Divine Commodity. In his book he talks about how we as the American Church have moved to an enterprise system in Christianity.

We have been wrestling with this a lot at IML, of how we look at Church as nothing more as a bunch of programs, activities, etc. It by far outweighs, giving, missions, and serving the lost.

What are some of your thoughts on this topic, and maybe we can dig deeper into some ideas over the next few weeks?

Team IML




Change Yourself, Not the Church (phase_1)

The word “Change” is extremely popular in today’s culture. From political campaigns to new churches, it seems that everyone is looking for the next big Change.

Recently we have been convicted by some thoughts that have literally been keeping us up at night. We often hear and talk about attempts to innovate the way we do church; to make it better, make it more relevant. But in spite of all the efforts to make the Church something better than what we’ve inherited, we seem to be missing out on the truth about who Jesus has called us to be.

We have transitioned to a platform of consumerism in the American church. It seems that Sunday has become just another calendared event to attend. In his book The Divine Commodity, Skye Jethani takes a look at how the church has transitioned from being a community that used to be relational, into an industry that creates its own brand of entertainment and sub-culture.

Sometimes it seems that the way we “do church” is nothing more than entertainment for the sake of attracting more people.

Over the next few days we want to examine some areas of church life; not in the hopes of providing solutions, but to ask questions and have others provide encouragement and insight about how we can unite as one; changing who we are as Christ-followers rather than focusing on changing the way we do church.

Here is the verse that will drive much of our thoughts throughout the week. “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.” Romans 12:2 NLT

Dwell and share your thoughts.

Team IML

The Divine Commodity


The Divine Commodity by Skye Jethani

In light of some of our recent postings, The Divine Commodity written by Skye Jethani, has been a great resource for our team. If you are a huge reader, this book needs to move to the top of your list. Unlike most books, Skye Jethani does not provide 10 ways or 12 steps to anything. Skye takes a deep  look at where we currently are as the Church, and how we have institutionalized something that was once so relational. 

Consumerism is something that is heavily going on in our churches today. It has begun to create a distortion to our element of faith in Jesus. Skye uses the art and testimonies of artist Vincent van Gogh, throughout the book as examples of how even hundreds of years ago, christ-followers were dealing with the same struggles of when it comes to the church. One of the greatest examples of this is from the famous painting Starry Night, where the church is the only building with no lights. 

Skye uses a quote from Richard Halverson, former Chaplain of the United States Senate. “In the beginning the church was a fellowship of men and women centered on the living Christ. Then the Church moved to Greece, where it became a philosophy. Then it moved to Rome, where it became an institution. Next, it moved to Europe where it became a culture. And, finally it moved to America, where it became an enterprise.” Wow! How true is that statement when we look at the evolution of the church.  

Throughout the book there will be many concepts and thoughts on how we are using the Church as an entertainment platform to attract people. It looks at how churches have placed a emphasis on controlling staged environments to be their true meaning for advancing Christ’s mission. Consumer Christianity is turning shepherds into showmen.

The book will also point out some interesting research of how American Christianity has largely failed since the middle of the twentieth century because Jesus’ modern day disciples are not acting like Jesus. Although we are seeing many large mega-churches grow across the country, Christianity is only consolidating, not expanding. 

Innovative Ministry Leader strongly endorses this book, whether your a Pastor, Worship Leader, or just a pew sitter. We admire that Skye Jethani is bringing an important issue that us leaders need to be aware about. He is not providing solutions or ways to improve, but bringing the insight so we as leaders can take action. This is a great resource that will get your mind expanding and hopefully thoughts of how we can build more authentic relationships for Christ in our communities.

You can purchase the Divine Commodity direct from Amazon by clicking here.

Team IML

The Divine Commodity is published by Zondervan

You can also visit Skye Jethani’s personal website by clicking here.

What is ahead

We have been working around the clock on many exciting things for this year. We would like to give you a preview for what is ahead over the next few months.

1. First off we have been reading and getting ready to review some amazing books. Just a few of the titles are, The Divine Commodity, 10 Stupid Things That Keep Churches from Growing, Tribes, Reality Check, and many more. We will be posting insight and links soon for all of these and more.

2. We are releasing a new series on the blog that is extremely important to us called, “Change Yourself, Not the Church.” You will most certainly want to share insight on this topic.

3. We would love to know what topics and discussions you would be interested in. We want to make this blog more of a community environment.

4. We are about a month away from launching the Innovative Ministry Leader site. However we don’t want to give to much information away, but know this, the site will be a great portal for information and insight for today’s Pastors, Worship Leaders, Technicians, and any other leaders on your team. You will not find anything else like it.

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