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$78 Dollars a Ticket for Casting Crowns!!

Wow, I don’t want to take this personally to the group Casting Crowns, because their hearts are amazing, and they are amazing writers. We just got an email from Ticketmaster, and their tickets range from $28-$78 dollars. That is a bit pricy to worship.

Secular concerts don’t even get that high. And again the Christian Music Industry wonders why they are not making it. Blink 182 just released a statement that they are going to be offering $20 dollar tickets to their shows. They are as big as you can get in the business, and they care about their fans to be able to afford a great experience.

Why do you think the industry is jacking prices? Is it really worth the money for a Worship Event?

Team IML


Does Church Music Make you Hate Yourself?

In the past we have commented on the pre-fabrication of worship music, and how it feels sometimes we are just praising a favorite song or artist.

A friend of ours, Chris Fann has posted a great post titled “Church Music Makes me Hate Myself.”  Be sure to check it out.

Let us know your thoughts.

Team IML

Who is…

Who is your favorite Worship Leader? What is it that you like about he/she?

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We wanted to point many of you to www.klampert.com. Joel Klampert is a Worship Leader all the way up in Rhode Island. He has a great site that cover many areas from Worship, Pop Culture, and more. We really love his new feature called the Joint, which is a review section for artists. Check it out!

Team IML

Jesus Industry

We would like to open a conversation on what you think about the world creating an industry to market Jesus. 

In a recent post, Cindy responded, 

Should anything pertaining to following Jesus be an industry? Should it be pursued for profit? This is a very big question for me right now, and it extends beyond music into preaching, writing, manufacturing, etc.

Whether we agree with it or not we have made Jesus a commercial product, selling it at Lifeway’s, and other Christian retailers around the world.

We have asked this question before, What is different of the Jesus Industry, than any other industry? 

Are all products that are created right in God’s eyes? Many Churches market sermons, and other resources, and sell them for hefty fees. We guess you could call it commercializing God’s word. 

Where do Christians need to draw the line? We have to recognize that some of the products we see at the local Christian Bookstore are just ridiculous. Try to imagine what it would look life if Jesus actually walked into a Christian Bookstore. 

We think it would be funny to see his reaction.

What are your thoughts?

Team IML

Help us Pick: 2009 Innovative Worship Leader List

We are currently evaluating an Innovative Worship Leader List for 2009. We want to compile the list full of creative and God Centered Artists and Worship Leaders. It does not mattered if they are signed or independent. Share some links and insight and we will put together a list over the next week.

Team IML

What is the best way to implement Secular Music in the Church?

Yesterday we got a great amount of feedback on thoughts of Secular Music, and using it as a tool in the Church.

We would love to hear your thoughts and insight on some ways you might use Secular Music in your ministry or church. 

Jason from Transparent Christian Magazine, a great online resource, sent us a link(below) on a story we were relating to the other day. Be sure to check out the interview with Todd Abernathy, who came to church, from simply hearing a secular song being blasted from an outside loudspeaker.


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