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Troy Gramling Leadership Message was Amazing!!!

If you missed the Leadership Message from Troy Gramling, you can still view it in the archive of Innovativeministryleader.com He brought an amazing message on 7 effective characteristics of a great Leadership. You don’t want to miss it!

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Upcoming Speakers on IML

Check out this quick promo of upcoming speakers for the month of June and July. Be sure to see complete list of speakers at www.innovativeministryleader.com

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Innovative Ministry Leader Special Incentive


The first 150 Registered users at Innovative Ministry Leader, will RECEIVE ALL 8 of the Leadership Network Innovation Series Books from Zondervan.

Hear from speakers such as Anne Jackson, Dino Rizzo, Mark Batterson, Skye Jethani, Ross Parsley, Jeff Deyo, Troy Gramling, Dave Ferguson, Kevin Harney, Glenn Packiam, Urban D, AND many many more.

We will be updating lineup each week for the rest of the year.



Innovative Ministry Lineup 2009, more coming soon

We have started to mention the lineup for Innovative Ministry Leader. Next week we will start pre-registration with a special incentive for early signups.

Here is some more of the lineup for 2009:

Mark Batterson/Pastor of National Community Church/Washington D.C.

Dave Ferguson/Pastor of Community Christian Church, IL

Ross Parsley/Worship Pastor of New Life Church/Colorado Springs, CO

Glenn Packiam/Worship Pastor of New Life Church/Desperation Band/Colorado Springs, CO

Skye Jethani/Author of the Divine Commodity/Editor of Leadership Magazine

Kevin Harney/Author of Leadership from the Inside Out

Greg Stielstra/Author of Pyromarketing and Faith Based Marketing/Marketing Director for Purpose Driven Life

Carl Cartee/Worship Leader/Artist

Sheri Gould/Vocal Trainer/Worship Leader

So Many more to come for 2009, this is just a start!

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Here is the rest of the lineup that we already announced:

Dino Rizzo/Pastor of Healing Place Church/Baton Rouge, LA

Anne Jackson/Author of Mad Church Disease

Troy Gramling/Pastor of Flamingo Road Church/Florida

Jeff Deyo/Worship Leader/Founder of Pure Worship Institute

Jonathan Lee/Worship Leader

Tommy Kyllonen aka Urban D/Pastor of Crossover Church/Tampa, FL

Innvoative Ministry Leader Coming June 2009

It is official we will be launching Innovative Ministry Leader in June of 2009!

Many of you have been asking exactly what we will be doing, and it is simple. Innovative Ministry Leader will be a complete web-based training center for today’s leaders. This site will be specifically for Pastors, Worship Leaders, Technicians, Musicians, Volunteers or anyone on a church staff.

The platform will be completely web-based, and offer many keynote speakers that you have seen at popular conferences across the country. It will focus in five areas or Leadership, Worship, Marketing, Culture and Technology. Each month we will release teachings in each of the five areas. After the broadcasts we will have best practice sessions using chat applications built into our platform, where you can connect with other leaders around the world.

Innovative Ministry Leader will be delivered on a membership platform where you can subscribe month to month, or for 6 or 12 months. Plans will start as low as $34.99 a month which you can share with your entire ministry team.

We have some exciting Partnerships we will be announcing over the next few weeks. We will also be offering some amazing incentives you will not want to miss for signing up early. We will be announcing those over the next few weeks.

We will also be announcing our initial speakers in a few weeks on the blog. Be sure to stay tuned by subscribing for our RSS Feed or Email Feed located in the top right corner.

For a complete detail of Innovative Ministry Leader visit www.innovativeministryleader.com and click on “What is IML.” Also be sure to sign up for our email list where you will be offered early incentives for joining Innovative Ministry Leader.

Also you can join our Facebook group by clicking here.

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Join the IML Facebook Group

Join the Innovative Ministry Leader facebook group. We will be offering early incentives through the facebook group starting in May.

You can join by clicking here.

Innovative Ministry Leader will be officially launching in June this year. Our platform will be a Complete Web-based training center for today’s leader. Get ready, we are already beginning to line-up the worlds most influential speakers to share information and insight for your teams.

We will be releasing more information over the next few weeks.

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Deliberate Simplicity by Dave Browning



Here is an exciting new book from Zondervan’s Leadership Network Innovation Series called Deliberate Simplicity, How the Church Does More by Doing Less.

Dave Browning the Pastor of Christ the King Community Church International shares how they have become one of the most innovative churches in America, by simply doing less. They are currently are in 12 states and seven countries. Rather than creating another mega church model, Dave Browning focuses on empowering leaders to lead small church based groups in homes. They do not create many programs or events, but stay focused on loving God and people.

One thing that we admire about Dave Browning and the model of the Deliberately Simple Church, is that they do not spend tons of money on buildings and other material objects. When they have Worship gatherings they typically will use public places and facilities that can easily be rented for a lot less than the cost of owning a building. This also allows opportunities for unchurched people to feel more comfortable while attending.

By spending less on buildings, programs, and other material objects, the Deliberately Simple Church can spend more of it resources, on Missions, and building leaders. Something Dave Browning repeats over and over again, is “We are here to learn how to love God and people well.” (Matt. 22: 37-40) Dave will share a simple equations throughout this book, that will give you insight and information on how to simplify your strategy to reaching more people for Christ.

Innovative Ministry Leader strongly endorses this book, for any church that is looking to do more by doing less. We admire how many people the Deliberately Simple Church has been able to reach by committing to relationships rather than anything else. This is a great book for entire ministry teams of Pastors, Worship Leaders and Volunteers.

You can purchase this Deliberate Simplicity directly from Amazon by clicking here.

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Check out a video from Dave Browning here.

Deliberate Simplicity is part of Zondervan’s Leadership Network Innovation Series