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Blog Tour: Servolution by Dino Rizzo


Servolution is a great book that we encourage all of our readers to pick up. Dino Rizzo is the pastor of an amazing church called Healing Place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Dino will also be sharing about Servolution in the month of June on InnovativeMinistryLeader.com

We had the opportunity to ask Dino Rizzo a question relating to his new book.

In ministry we have all experienced different seasons in our lives. When times get tough for you personally, what is the best insight for keeping the spirit of Servolution alive?

Sean, thanks for being a part of the Servolution Blog Tour – and for the great question.  You’re so right – life is made up of ever-changing seasons.  One of the coolest things about serving others is the strength it gives the one who serves.  Jesus taught it himself, “It is more blessed to give than it is to receive.”  We have found that when you serve others – when you get your eyes off of your own needs for a while and help someone else in need, your own needs tend to look different afterward.  After you’ve spent a week serving AIDS orphans in Africa, I don’t feel so bothered by my own challenges.  Plus, when you serve together, you find strength in the others you’re serving with.  Many times, the very thing I’ve needed help with I have found the answer to in others I’ve been serving alongside.  Put those thoughts together with the truth that Jesus didn’t quit when the job got tough – he went all the way to the cross for me – how can I not go all the way and do whatever it takes to serve others?

Check out Craig Groeschel’s post on the Next Generation

Craig Groeschel the pastor of Lifechurch.tv, is doing a post on reaching the next generation. Great stuff. 


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“Mad Church Disease”-Overcoming The Burnout Epidemic


“Mad Church Disease”-Overcoming The Burnout Epidemic

Innovative Ministry Leader just finished reading an advance copy of Anne Jackson’s new book “Mad Church Disease.” What an amazing resource for every Pastor, Worship Leader, Ministry Leader, Business Professional, etc. This is a book that focuses on organizing your life, to have a healthy balance with work, family, and personal time. 

Popular Communicator/Blogger, Anne Jackson (www.flowerdust.net) shares her personal story of how burnout has effected her personal life throughout the years. Anne focuses on the emotional, physical, relational and spiritual effects of the burnout epidemic.

Mad Church Disease does a complete job at identifying burnout, the risks, and how to recover. The book takes a serious look at the health factors and how serious this silent disease can be for you or your organization. The book concludes with the focus of how to process the pain of being hurt in the past, which almost everyone can relate to at some point in their life. Beyond reading Mad Church Disease, this is a great resource to have concurrent in your life and to share with your entire team. 

What we really admire about this book, is that Anne shares honesty and real stories of her past, that you will be able to relate with. At the end of each Chapter, there is a section called the “Exam Room,” which will allow you to self assess your own life. You will also find at the end of each Chapter a “Second Opinion” section that will express the views of some world class leaders such as Bill Hybels, Craig Groeschel, Perry Noble, and more. 

Innovative Ministry Leader strongly endorses this book and you will be able to pick up a copy in February of 2009. We will be doing some more focuses on Mad Church Disease  before the book is released so stay tuned.  You can also pre-order from Amazon by clicking here.

In the mean time you can check out three of Anne’s sites www.annejacksonwrotethis.com www.flowerdust.net and www.MadChurchDisease.com for more information.

Team IML

Mad Church Disease is published by Zondervan

Mad Church Disease is endorsed by Dr. Wayne Cordeiro, Craig Groeschel, Tim Stevens, Mark Batterson, Nancy Beech, Nancy Ortberg, Shauna Niequist, Matthew Paul Turner, and more

Craig Groeschel’s “IT” Blog Tour, Stop 7

We had the opportunity to present Craig Groeschel with a question from his latest book “IT.” Craig is the lead pastor of Lifechurch.tv, one of the most innovative and fastest growing churches in the world. This is a great book for leaders of any type and we strongly recommend picking up a copy. 

Here are the questions: In Chapter 9, you write about turning focus outward. Could you share some insight and ideas on this topic? How so you and your team stay accountable to some of the ideas you presented? Can you provide some specific examples? (The last time you had a lost person in your home, conversations with non-Christians, praying for non-believers, etc.) How do you keep a balance with work, family, and reaching out to non-believers?

Sean Lewis, Innovative Ministry Leader

Craig: Thank you for the great questions.

When we studied our different campuses, we found that the newer ones tended to reach more people for Christ than the older ones.

While we’re still not totally sure why this is, we have a theory. It seems that for many people, the longer they are Christians, they fewer non-Christian friends they have. This is sad, but often true.

As a church staff, we work with Christians, have small groups with Christians, and hang out with Christians. If we’re not intentional, we could lose most of our relationships with non-believers.

Here are a few things we do to keep the evangelistic passion alive:

The leaders must model personal evangelism. This week I told our staff and the core of the church about a guy I’ve shared my faith with off-and-on for over 20 years. My friend recently started coming to church with his family and is taking big steps toward Christ.

We preach on the importance of sharing our faith.

We celebrate and tell stories about those who found life in Christ.

One of our campuses fasted one day each week for a month for people to come to Christ. That month the salvations on their campus skyrocketed.

You asked how to keep a balance between work, family, and reaching out to non-believers. For me, the challenge of balance is between work and family, but reaching out to non-believers doesn’t strain the rest of my life. If I am living with the heart of Christ, hopefully I’ll be naturally (or intentionally) developing authentic relationships with non-Christians and sharing my faith through my lifestyle and words.

You can pick up the book “It” directly from www.amazon.com or any local bookstore.

You can also visit Craig’s blog at swerve.lifechurch.tv

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Craig Groeschel’s NEW BOOK “IT”












“IT” How Churches and Leaders Can Get “it” and Keep “it” by Craig Groeschel

From the moment we picked up this book we could not put it down. This is one of the strongest leadership books we have ever read. We recommend “It” for leadership teams, business organizations, volunteers, or anyone that has ever had a dream. 

Craig Groeschel has such a humble attitude as he shares how Lifechurch.tv began and the different struggles they have experienced a long the way. Craig starts out by saying he is not sure what “It” really is, but knows he has experienced it through the growth of his ministry and other ministries around him. 

“It,” is stated as being completely surrendered to Jesus with your ministry. It is more than beautiful buildings, popular programs, or the latest technology. An important point that Craig makes, is that “it” is not a model system, or result of programs. It can not be purchased, copied nor will everyone get it.

One of our favorite chapters goes into the importance of having a well defined Vision for your ministry or organization. Making sure that a vision is memorable (easy to state), portable (meaning people can take it with them and communicate it to others) and motivational (gets people excited). 

One of the biggest things we as an organization walked away from this book is the point Craig makes about keeping what we do simple and to the point. A lot of times Churches or Organizations will have hundreds of ministries, which most are not effective.  Craig shares that Lifechurch.tv currently has five key things that they do. They are five things that they believe God has called them to do well. He expresses the importance of, “Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should do it.”

We admire that Craig makes a strong emphasis on the need to fail to be successful. What? Did he just say fail! YES! Failure is not an option, it is a necessity to be successful. Craig shares much insight on how Lifechurch.tv has failed over the years, which has led to many of their successes. The book states that, “if your not failing, you’ve stop dreaming.” He goes on to explain that failure is a learning experience where you have to pick yourself back up, learn something and press forward. 

At the end of each Chapter, Craig presents questions to help define ideas, visions and other important aspects you should have for your ministry or organization. Throughout the book there are seven profiles of other Ministry Leaders and their churches with insight on how they began and achieved “IT” as well.

We just highlighted a few of the points that really stood out for us throughout this book. We are certain that after reading this book, you will walk away with so much. You will read ideas, on how to not only discover “It” but how to Enjoy “It” with others, do anything for “It,” want others to have “It,” share “It,” and how to keep “it.” 

This book is already on it second printing. You can purchase it directly at Amazon.com or Christianbooks.com.

Team IML
“It” is published by Zondervan

What’s coming up…

We have had a few extremely busy weeks, with so many exciting things going on. We just got back from Oklahoma City where we got to visit a few of the Lifechurch.tv campus. God is doing some amazing things with their platform. 

We wanted to provide everyone with an update. Many of you keep asking what is Innovative Ministry Leader? When will we see it? To answer everyones question it is coming soon (2009). Innovative Ministry Leader will be a COMPLETE Interactive Resource for Today’s Leader. It will cover information and insight from Leadership, Worship, Culture, Technology, and Church Awareness. 

Over the next few weeks we will be doing a few album and book reviews(Lincoln Brewster, Remedy Drive, Laura Story, and many more), and asking more questions.

One thing we are excited about is the Craig Groeschel Blog Tour that will be hitting our Site next Tuesday. This is for a promotion of his new book “It.” If you haven’t read it yet I suggest you pick up a copy immediately. 

Here is a complete list of where the blog tour is taking place. 

September 15-Swerve Blog

September 16 – Scott Hodge
September 17 – Catalyst blog and On the Journey (Brad Lomenick)
September 18 – Velocity (Dave Ferguson)
September 19 – Zondervan blog
September 22 – Monday Morning Insight (Todd Rhoades)
September 23 – Innovative Ministry Leader (Sean Lewis)
September 24 – Tony Morgan Live
September 25 – Leading Smart (Tim Stevens)

September 26 – FlowerDust (Anne Jackson) 

Talk to you all soon.

Team IML

Craig Groeschel to kick off Blog Tour September 15th

Craig Groeschel, author of IT, is going on a book blog tour this September!  The blog tour features 10 blogs over two weeks.

Craig will specifically answering a questions for us at Innovative Ministry Leader on September 23rd. 

Below is the schedule for this blog tour:

September 15 – Swerve (Craig Groeschel & Bobby Gruenewald)

September 16 – Scott Hodge

September 17 – Catalyst blog and On the Journey (Brad Lomenick)

September 18 – Velocity (Dave Ferguson)

September 19 –Zondervan blog

September 22 – Monday Morning Insight (Todd Rhoades)

September 23 – Innovative Ministry Leader (Sean Lewis)

September 24 – Tony Morgan Live

September 25 – Leading Smart (Tim Stevens)

September 26 – FlowerDust (Anne Jackson)

While the tour kicks off next week on the Swerve blog, you do not have to wait to find out more information about IT, interact with IT, and have a chance to win IT.

Each day this week on the Zondervan blog, they will be posting something about IT – videos about IT, messages about IT, ways to win IT, and ways to interact with others about IT.  

Visit www.zondervan.com/it for more information