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Consumerism in the Church

Consumerism in the American Church?

Last week we had the privilege to video with Skye Jethani, the author of the Divine Commodity. In his book he talks about how we as the American Church have moved to an enterprise system in Christianity.

We have been wrestling with this a lot at IML, of how we look at Church as nothing more as a bunch of programs, activities, etc. It by far outweighs, giving, missions, and serving the lost.

What are some of your thoughts on this topic, and maybe we can dig deeper into some ideas over the next few weeks?

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Christianity is declining

This article was on the front page of Fox News. We felt that it kind of confirmed our post from last week on how crucial it is that we focus on relationships. Let us know your thoughts on this subject.

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Change Yourself, Not the Church (phase_3) From Relationship to Enterprise

From Relationship to Enterprise

Christianity in America has become a mega enterprise. A 4.6 billion dollar industry. Possibly more.

We have taken something that is so pure and relational and turned it into a billion dollar industry. On top of that we downgrade it to cheesy music, copy cat t-shirts, or any other commodity items with a bible verse on it. We have turned Jesus into our favorite sports team, and we root for him in seasons that are only important to us in life. We have branded many playing fields for him (churches) and will switch teams like a light switch just for whatever is winning the most in the current state.

We have got to move back to relationships. Pastors have to start not only teaching discipleship but learning how disciple their own flocks. How many Pastors today make their schedule more important than their people? We have to move away from selling our church and start engaging in Jesus. Jesus is not a product, he is a relationship. A relationship that will change your life for eternity. A relationship that means something more than a stinking t-shirt.

We have a calling to be in a authentic relationship with Jesus. And second a responsibility to share that with people everywhere. None of us are perfect but we serve a God that loves us and forgives the garbage in our lives. There is no commodity worth putting between that.

Share your thoughts.

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