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What If….We became ONE

Here is a new concept we are going to be doing from time to time at Innovative Ministry Leader. The point is to start more movements across the world in reaching people for Christ. This will be an open dialog post so please provide insight and ideas.

What if Churches truly became engaged in unity? I’m not talking about getting together for a barbeque, but truly unified in service. We seem to argue so much of what is right, and who is right, but the truth is we all have ONE ENEMY and we as Christians serve ONE GOD. It doesn’t have to be about what type of music, service, or type of clothes we wear, but the fact is there are thousands upon thousands of people that will feel the flames of hell, because we can get our butts in the street. 

What would the impact be if every Church in one city, unified together and swept that city telling people about the love of God? What if every Church and every member went out on the streets in that city and helped the homeless? We’re talking about hundreds upon hundreds of Christians reaching out and giving food and help to those in need. Could it end problems we have?(or some of them?) Would people get saved?

It is time for Pastors to become leaders that join together the body of Christ, and challenge people that Church is more than sitting in the pews on Sunday. That it is okay to come together with Churches and reach out to the world.

A great example of this is “One Prayer,” that was organized by It was a joined series, that included messages, and service projects by hundreds of churches across the world. 

What if we tried this? 

Insight? Ideas?

Team IML


What if…. Technology was taken away

What if technology that we desire to be successful was completely taken away. 

No lights, no buildings, no sound, no more million dollar platform to glorify one church.

Would mega churches stand so mega? Could people still be saved?

Maybe we would have to rely 100% on relationships. 

How would you innovate?

Team IML

What If…We became the Olympics


What If: We became the Olympics

Our last post “What if We Became One” strike up such a discussion on many different blog sites, we wanted to start a continuation of it. 

What if we as believers, became more like the Olympics. There are so many aspects that could influence us as believers and leaders, as we sit and watch this event that takes place every four years. 

Look at all the different countries at opening ceremony. All coming together to compete in their favorite sports. It is a time of celebration, joy, and pride for each others country. Even though most of the countries have different backgrounds, heritages, and beliefs, they come together for ONE event that is televised on a global platform. 

Why can’t we as churches come together like this? Why can’t we all gather together in thousands to celebrate Jesus? Why can’t we all call on his name as ONE? Why can’t we start a movement that helps end poverty, sickness, and other world crisis as one? 

Is it time that we choose the best of the best leaders to come together for an Olympic Movement? We have made a few comments on a few blog sites, of what would happen if we organized a meeting for the Churches top influential leaders to plan any type of movement together. Were talking about Osteen, Groeschel, Hybels, Bell, Warren, Noble, Driscoll, Young Jr., Graham and other top leaders to spend a day together to start a movement for Jesus as One. Imagine the influence, resources, and other help they could come up with to guide Churches worldwide to start a unified movement for Christ. 

A deeper look of how this idea could definitely start a positive shift, is take a look at the USA Men’s Basketball team. You have LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, and other top NBA players on one team to represent the USA against the world. In the first game the dominated the scoreboard. You have some of the most talented, influential players in the World on ONE team playing for the Gold. 

Is it possible for God’s Churches to one day achieve true unity? Is it possible to unify all these influential leaders to work together for Jesus? How can we start this Olympic Movement for Christ?

The time is now for us as ONE to go for the Gold.

Team IML