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Starting Something Part 6 of 6: NEVER GIVE UP!


Plain and simple. Challenges will come and go, different seasons will make you change the way you think, but it is import to never quit. If you feel God has placed an opportunity to do something in your life, go for it. 

Perseverance is another word to keep in mind. Even when there is not hope, press on. That is why it is extremely important to write down your goals. 

Is there anything we at Innovative Ministry Leader can pray for you? Is there something God is leading you to do and you need prayer? Let us know!

Team IML


Starting Something Part 5 of 6: Mentors and being around the right people

Find a Mentor! 

Doesn’t matter how much you know, there is always someone that can teach you something more. This is a very strong factor for Innovative Ministry Leader. We try to have as many Mentors that we can. This is a way to have accountability in what you are doing, plus someone to help raise the bar from time to time. 

Another best practice is surrounding yourself with the right people. This could be going to a Network Lunches with other leaders in your field, making sure you hire people with the right skills and personality, or just seeking information over lunch with some that is successful in your area. 

Don’t ever hesitate to ask someone successful for help. Most of the times people that are doing well, love to sit down and pour into someone else.

Team IML


Starting Something Part 4 of 6: Determine what you need to get started

After you have put a business plan into place, you need to determine what you need to get started. Is it money? Is it time? Is it the right people?

Make your start up realistic. When it comes to money people just don’t hand out funds. That is why it is important to have a solid business plan for someone to look at. This will solidify the information you have on what you are starting.

Make sure that the time you need is properly managed. If you have a job, family, make sure you create a balance schedule, so you do not damage any relationships.

Sometimes outside of the business plan it is recommended to make an action list that you can cross off items that you need to get started. This is a great way to motivate yourself that you accomplish more and more as you drive towards your venture.

Team IML

Starting Something Part 3 of 6: Creating a Business Plan/Ministry Plan

Creating a Business/Ministry Plan is one of the most important steps when starting something. This is a guide and concrete document that guides what you are doing. It covers everything from your Vision Statement, goals, who is a part of what you are doing, structure, objectives, how to get the word out about what you are doing, and much more.

The best thing to do is start out by following a business plan format. Here are a few links that can help when putting together a business plan or ministry plan.

Again like we mentioned before, writing down all of your ideas and information is an important step for success. 

Team IML

Starting Something Part 2 of 6: Writing Down Ideas

Write down your ideas!

Simple concept, however many people never write down their ideas. The thing is simple ideas might not seem like much at the time, but when you have a written collection of your ideas things start to come together. Just a simple thought for starting something that can add up to something more.

Team IML

Starting Something Part 1 of 6: Vision Statement

Proverbs 28:18

“Where there is no vision, the people perish”

We wanted to take the time at Innovative Ministry Leader to discuss some pointers if you are ‘Starting Something.” It can be a business, ministry, foundation, etc, these steps will help you organize and get things off the ground.

The first step is creating a Vision Statement. This should be written, so it is set in stone and always on the frontline of everything you wish to do. As part of this statement you should also include your goals, and objectives for what you are doing as well. Again it is very important that you write these down. Individuals that tend to write down their visions and goals are more likely to achieve them.

Here is an example of our Visions Statement: It is in two parts:

-To equip Today!s Ministry Leaders with information and insight to 

effectively deliver the gospel to today!s culture.  

-To be the leading provider to New International Mission Plants around the 


These are two things that we are extremely passionate about and that we always look to when we are making decisions. It is important to keep decisions based around the center of your vision or mission.

Feel free to add any pointers or if you have any questions we would be happy to answer them. 

Team IML