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Innovative Magazine List

Here is our Innovative Magazine List for this year. 

We tend to read faith based and non-faith based magazines to get insight and information that we can observe the best resources, leadership skills, and other practical skills to help deliver the gospel more effectively to today’s culture.

Faith Based List 

1. Outreach Magazine – Great publication for insight from todays Ministry Leaders, that focus on innovation and reaching out to people

2. Collide Magazine – Visual Media and other resources for Ministries

3. Relevant Magazine – Great insight for focusing on a deeper understanding of Culture

Non Faith-Based Magazines

1. Patrol Magazine – Online Publication that looks at News, Music, and other cultural issues. This is a great resource to get stripped down reviews of new albums both, Christian and Secular.

2. Fast Company – Great insight into looking at innovative companies and leaders of the business world.

We realize there are a lot of great magazines out in the world to check out. This is the start of the list and we plan to add some more titles by the end of the year.

Feel free to shoot us some information if you know of any online or in print magazines that might have the insight and information for reaching today’s culture. We are currently in search for a strong Magazine that covers Worship. 

Team IML


ESV Study Bible


Innovative Ministry Leader is proud to endorse the new ESV Study Bible. This is by far our favorite translation and study resource. The ESV Study Bible is endorsed by many innovative leaders such as John Piper, Mark Driscoll, Randy Alcorn, Joshua Harris and many more. 

Some of the features include:

20,000 notes

40 All-new Illustrations

Over 50 Articles

Over 200 Charts

Over 200 Color Maps

80,000 Cross References

2 Million Words

2,752 Pages

The purpose the ESV Study Bible was created was to help people have a deeper understanding of God’s word. The ESV study bible was assembled by a team of 95 evangelical Christian scholars and teachers. 

You can order the ESV Study Bible directly online at Amazon. There you can view a few videos that take a deeper look at the ESV Study Bible and what some other Christian Leaders are saying about it. Keep in mind that this makes a great gift for your Pastor or Worship Leader for Christmas. 

Team IML

“Jesus Wants to Save Christians” Rob Bell


“Jesus Wants to Save Christians”

“Jesus Wants to Save Christians, A Manifesto for the Church in Exile,” is the third book from Pastor/Author Rob Bell of Mars Hill Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. (Book is co-written with Don Golden)

This book takes a look at the Church and what we as Americans are really about. It compares the United States to powerful empires in biblical times. Rob Bell shows how time and time again we miss the central message of the Bible, that Jesus came for so much more than to just give us a ticket to heaven, but to transform our lives. 

The book begins by taking you through the Old Testament, looking at how different empires ruled and controlled the world. It will make you stop and think, “wow” is everything we do in our own country really right under God’s eyes? Critics might come off saying that this book is a bit unpatriotic, but Rob Bell strongly uses scripture to state his points. Rob Bell does a great job at comparing times of the Old Testament, New Testament and today. It will take you to a deeper understanding of the history of the Bible.

Our favorite Chapter in the book is Chapter Five, “Swollen-bellied black babies, Soccer Moms on Prozac and the Mark of the Beast.” Rob Bell starts by again saying that America is one of the most powerful empires the world has ever seen. He then goes on to give shocking statistics that we may have heard over the years. From America’s wealth to poverty/brokenness over seas, we see the power that each American possesses and how we do not even come close to making a true difference in the world.

At the end of the book Rob Bell challenges you to re-examine your place in the world. To start living more as an example of Christ and not of this world. This book will leave you wanting to point fingers at government and other leaders in the country, but it truly starts with your ministry or organization. Jesus called us to be the example.

“Jesus Wants to Save Christians,” is a book that will make you re-examine your life, ministry, or organization and take more notice of what is going on across the globe. This book has been a strong wake up call for our organization. Innovative Ministry Leader strongly endorses this book and would recommend sharing with your entire teams. 

Team IML

“Jesus Wants to Save Christians” is published by Zondervan

Check out these other great Resources from Rob Bell.


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Nooma Series

Other Books

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Chris Tomlin “Hello Love”

We had a chance to listen to an advance copy of Chris Tomin’s new album, “Hello Love.” What we really admire about Chris Tomlin is the anointing that God has given him over his career. “Hello Love” is a solid release, with the power anthems and expressive words to God that Chris has always been known for. 

Here are Chris’s words on the new album:

We need to introduce ourselves to love again.

With each new record, I continue to strive to create songs that will help people voice their worship to God. I hold this as a great responsibility when I begin to think about what the overall recording will look like. Worship is a massive word with a very broad scope, but in the end, it is very simple. It is love! It’s our response in love to our great God who loved us first. As well, it’s our love for others.

Hopefully these songs will renew in some way or stir up again your love for God and His people.

It’s pretty exciting these days to see the Church awaken to the portion of it’s calling where it serves the “least of these,” where we carry those less fortunate than ourselves not just in a special place in our hearts, but in our finances, our energy, our life. And the motive and heart behind all of it is love. That’s it. More simply put, worship is “love with legs.” It’s on the move! It’s not just words and melody.

As Paul says so well in 1 Cor. 13:13
“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

“Sing Sing Sing,” is the opening track and comes out with the power anthem style that he is well known for. It centers around singing to God for all his praises. “God of this City.” is another song that is a cry for how God is greater than our cities worldwide and how they belong to him. Both of these songs were released live on the latest Passion album as well. 

“Jesus Messiah,” is another favorable song that you will hear in many churches this year. This is a solid God Centered song, of which all the glory is to God and his Love. 

“You Lifted Me Out” is one of our favorites on the new record. It has a more upbeat worship style, with an extremely catchy chorus. It shares as a powerful testimony of how God truly gives us life and freedom.

One song you will be sure to introduce to your congregations is “Love.” We are amazed of the dynamics of this song. It starts off with a soft feel, and goes to such an energetic dynamic by the end of the song. The song speaks the overall message of this album. 

We strongly believe that Chris Tomlin has had so much success because of his humble attitude of always putting God first in Worship. Chris has been an innovator in Worship Music since his first album. He writes and composes songs that are simple for the average Worship Leader to use on a weekly basis. Even though this album maintains the consistency(sound and style) of his previous albums, the anointing of his Worship is even more powerful. 

You can pick up a copy of “Hello Love” by Chris Tomlin on September 2. It will serve as a valuable resource in leading others through an intimate experience with a deeper meaning of the love God intended us to have.  

Team IML

Check out great resource for Chris Tomlin and the new album at


Innovative Ministry Leader strongly endorses and practices Pyromarketing which was created by Greg Stielstra. The marketing technique is a way to target your exact reach, and save tons on budget dollars. This is a great concept for Marketing your church or ministry to reach a large amount of people.

You can download the book “Pyromarketing” by Greg Stielstra in audio format at Also be sure to check other great resources and the Pyromarketing blog. 

Team IML

Top 10 Innovative Worship Leader List (so far…)

We have compiled a list of our Top 10 Innovative Worship Leader List. However we feel that there are many more that need to be part of this list. If you know of any Worship Leaders that are just breaking out, or not that discovered yet we want to know about them. All of these artists have amazing hearts and care deeply about rising up Worship Leaders for this generation. (Of course we endorse all of the big ones as well, Tomlin, Crowder, etc. We will include them down the road) 

1. Fee (Steve Fee) Based out of North Pointe, Steve is an amazing Worship Leader with a strong heart, His Songs include, Glorious One, How Beautiful the Blood, We Shine, All Because of Jesus and many more.

2. Phil Wickham- Very Creative, amazing song called True Love that has a different spin on Worship. Latest album is “Cannon.”

3. Worth Dying For– Considered a similar version of Hillsong but here in America. Have many powerful anthems such as “Revolution” and “Unite.” They have a huge youth following in California.

4. JLee (Jonathan Lee) Co-Writer with Jeff Deyo, Jonathan has finally started recording his first album. Co-Written, “Jesus I Surrender”, “Unveil,” and many more. His latest single will be “Beautiful King,” which will release on his new album early 2009.

5. Tenth Avenue North– Incredible worship band originally from South Florida. Have a hit single out now called “Love is Here.”

6. Starfield- Energetic and passionate Worship Leaders. Starfield emerges from Canada, with a fresh innovative sound.

7. Brenton Brown- Writer of “Everlasting God,” Brenton Brown keeps a fresh unique sound to worship.

8. Laura Story- Writer of “Indescribable,” Laura Story has so much passion for teaching and leading people in Worship.

9. Matt Maher Writer of “Your Grace is Enough,” has fresh new sound for Ministries to engage in.

10. Leeland- Amazing young talent from Texas. Has Co-written with Michael W Smith, and has released two amazing albums. Strong passions for Worship, with Innovative Approach.

Collide Magazine Review

One resource we have been extremely excited for over the last few months is Collide Magazine. ( 

Collide Magazine takes information and content for where Media and the Church Converge. It focuses on many articles of creative insight, and using Visual Media and Technology to reach God’s People.

The first attribute is the up to date artwork that it presents. Two thumbs up to the graphic design team that designs for Collide Magazine. As you open the magazine you stumble upon one of their first sections call “Feedback.” This is where readers talk about things they like and don’t like about the Magazine. Collide always keeps an equal balance and responds to all of the feedback. The next section is “Upfront” which features many reviews of cool new gadgets, websites and other resources. 

As you read through the magazine there are many inspiring articles from Tim Stevens, Matthew Paul Turner, Mark Steele, and many more. They also cover many reviews on Technology and Media products which is the core of the magazine. At the end of the magazine they usually cover a Church in the “Church Spotlight.” They will highlight the Innovative approach of churches around the country and how they are reaching people through Visual Media and other means of technology. At the end of every issue they have a “To Do List,” which is actually a great idea. It focuses on things from the Collide Team that they want you to take away. 

The advertising in the magazine is fresh as well. Most of all the products are great resources for the Church to use, when it comes to reaching the lost. All of us at IML, strongly recommend Collide for your Ministry, for creative insight, and ideas.

Team IML

ALSO be sure to check out an event they are doing this summer called Echo.