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Collide Magazine Review

One resource we have been extremely excited for over the last few months is Collide Magazine. ( 

Collide Magazine takes information and content for where Media and the Church Converge. It focuses on many articles of creative insight, and using Visual Media and Technology to reach God’s People.

The first attribute is the up to date artwork that it presents. Two thumbs up to the graphic design team that designs for Collide Magazine. As you open the magazine you stumble upon one of their first sections call “Feedback.” This is where readers talk about things they like and don’t like about the Magazine. Collide always keeps an equal balance and responds to all of the feedback. The next section is “Upfront” which features many reviews of cool new gadgets, websites and other resources. 

As you read through the magazine there are many inspiring articles from Tim Stevens, Matthew Paul Turner, Mark Steele, and many more. They also cover many reviews on Technology and Media products which is the core of the magazine. At the end of the magazine they usually cover a Church in the “Church Spotlight.” They will highlight the Innovative approach of churches around the country and how they are reaching people through Visual Media and other means of technology. At the end of every issue they have a “To Do List,” which is actually a great idea. It focuses on things from the Collide Team that they want you to take away. 

The advertising in the magazine is fresh as well. Most of all the products are great resources for the Church to use, when it comes to reaching the lost. All of us at IML, strongly recommend Collide for your Ministry, for creative insight, and ideas.

Team IML

ALSO be sure to check out an event they are doing this summer called Echo.