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Purple Cow by Seth Godin

Purple Cow by Seth Godin

Here is a great resource called the Purple Cow, written by Seth Godin. Even thought this book is traditionally written for businesses, but we feel that churches and ministries can learn a lot from Seth’s insight.

It starts by examining the traditional P’s of Marketing. Product, Pricing, Promotion strategies, Publicity, Packaging and more. But Seth introduces us to a new P, called the Purple Cow. A concept that something must be truly remarkable and further away from boring. The book will take you through some great ideas and concepts about the why, the what and the how of a remarkable concept/product.

This is a great resource for Visionary Pastors, to motivate them to think for themselves and stop imitating other churches and leaders. Innovative Ministry Leader strongly endorses the concept of this book and urge you to get a copy for yourself. You can purchase a copy directly from Amazon by clicking here

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Commercial Bowl

As we are sure many of you got a chance to see a great Super Bowl matchup last night. However the commercials seemed to be not as great (and we mean FUNNY) as past years. (Okay we guess the economy is really bad now, when companies can’t fork the millions for great ads anymore.) 

With churches being known to have the worst commercials ever, lets start a little segment of irrelevant ideas for marketing our churches and ministries. Just post a creative marketing idea you have and lets chat about it. It can be anything beyond tv advertising. Maybe we can spark something good, and crown a winner of the Commercial Bowl. 

Let’s hear what you got.

Team IML


Innovative Ministry Leader strongly endorses and practices Pyromarketing which was created by Greg Stielstra. The marketing technique is a way to target your exact reach, and save tons on budget dollars. This is a great concept for Marketing your church or ministry to reach a large amount of people.

You can download the book “Pyromarketing” by Greg Stielstra in audio format at Also be sure to check other great resources and the Pyromarketing blog. 

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