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Innovative Magazine List

Here is our Innovative Magazine List for this year. 

We tend to read faith based and non-faith based magazines to get insight and information that we can observe the best resources, leadership skills, and other practical skills to help deliver the gospel more effectively to today’s culture.

Faith Based List 

1. Outreach Magazine – Great publication for insight from todays Ministry Leaders, that focus on innovation and reaching out to people

2. Collide Magazine – Visual Media and other resources for Ministries

3. Relevant Magazine – Great insight for focusing on a deeper understanding of Culture

Non Faith-Based Magazines

1. Patrol Magazine – Online Publication that looks at News, Music, and other cultural issues. This is a great resource to get stripped down reviews of new albums both, Christian and Secular.

2. Fast Company – Great insight into looking at innovative companies and leaders of the business world.

We realize there are a lot of great magazines out in the world to check out. This is the start of the list and we plan to add some more titles by the end of the year.

Feel free to shoot us some information if you know of any online or in print magazines that might have the insight and information for reaching today’s culture. We are currently in search for a strong Magazine that covers Worship. 

Team IML


Check out Craig Groeschel’s Message on “It”

Check out Craig’s message on “It.”

You will be able to view it again on Tuesday of this week. Just got to to stream on Tuesday night. It is a condensed version from his message at the Willow Creek Leadership Summit. 

Team IML

What Magazines are you reading?

We are compiling an Innovative Magazine list for our readers. We would be interested to know what magazines you might think would be a good fit for this list. If it is not a mainstream magazine, please provide some information for us to check out. 

It would be great to see innovative ideas, innovative products, innovative resources, and creative content for the focus of magazines on this list. 

Team IML