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Help us Pick: 2009 Innovative Worship Leader List

We are currently evaluating an Innovative Worship Leader List for 2009. We want to compile the list full of creative and God Centered Artists and Worship Leaders. It does not mattered if they are signed or independent. Share some links and insight and we will put together a list over the next week.

Team IML

Innovative Worship Leader: JLee

Jonathan Lee (JLee) is a twenty six year old passionate worship leader with a heart to lead people into the presence of a holy God. Jonathan Lee is the co-writer to the songs Jesus I surrender, Nothing less than all of me, Unveil and Revolution. Most of the songs he has co-written are featured on two of Jeff Deyo’s latest cd’s, including the title track for the latest release “Unveil.” Jonathan has also shared the stage with Paul Baloche, Jeff Deyo, Steve Fee, Brenton Brown, Mark Roach, Vicki Beeching, Holland Davis, and more. 

Jonathan has traveled around the country sharing his heart for worship with his amazing band Matt Underwood, Charlie Watson, Phil Snowden and Aaron Farmer. Together they share a vision to lead people to God’s heart so that we as Christians can truly come back to the heart of worship.

For the past 4 years Jonathan Lee has been mentored by Jeff Deyo. Deyo has invested time and energy in pouring into Jonathan’s life, believing deeply in the calling and vision God has placed in him. Jonathan is not only guided by Deyo in the business aspect of the music industry but more importantly in having a strong, vibrant walk with God. His God-given gifts and talents have been stretched and pulled on for the purpose of affecting countless lives for the Kingdom of God.

Jonathan Lee’s vision and goal is first and foremost to lift up the name of Jesus so that all people might be drawn to God, as stated in John 12:32. His desire is to worship the King of kings with all of his heart and his life with the hope of leading people to the true heart of God. He is completely consumed with a passionate love for God, and there is no doubt when you hear his music and experience his worship leading that this young worshiper is truly set apart.

This Winter Jonathan Lee (JLee) will release his first full length cd, which will feature “Beautiful King,” a new song which you can listen to the demo now at his site. This song has taken a strong movement at conferences, festivals and youth events this summer.

We at Innovative Ministry Leader have seen and heard samples of this new album and anticipate it to be one of the biggest releases for 2009. 

Team IML

Innovative Worship Leader: Phil Wickham

Phil Wickham is one of our favorites on the Top Ten Innovative Worship Leader List. Lyrically and Musically Phil Wickham’s style sets a new bar in Christian Music. Recently he allowed a free download off of his blog for a 15 song live album. It has a vast collection of originals, plus some old school worship favorites.

We would like to highlight some of the songs from his recent release “Cannons” which came out late last year. This is an album that we strongly endorse at Innovative Ministry Leader. It starts out with “Must I Desire” which a powerful description of an authentic conversation with God. Everything about this song fits from the melody to the music. “Desire” is a great song about the passion for reaching out to others for Christ. It proclaims that Jesus is all and everything.

One of the most powerful songs on this album, and in Christian Music overall today, is “True Love.” There is not much to say but to post the lyrics and let you read for yourself. Along with the music the dynamics and feel of this song will stick with you. 

“True Love”

Come close listen to the story

about a love more faithful than the morning

The Father gave his only Son just to save us

The earth was shaking in the dark

All creation felt the Fathers broken heart

tears were filling heavens eyes

The day that true love died, the day that true love died

When blood and water hit the ground

Walls we couldn’t move came crashing down

We were free and made alive

The day that true love died, The day that true love died

Search your hearts you know you can’t deny it

Lose your life just so you can find it

The Father gave his only son just to save us

Jesus is alive

He rose again

This is truly one of the first albums in a long time that you can listen to from start to finish. Every song from production, to lyrics, fits into a new level of creativity for Worship Music. We strongly recommend that you pick up the latest release “Cannon” and visit Phil Wickham’s blog to download the free live album. 

Team IML

Innovative Worship Leader: Fee

Straight out of North Point Community Church in Atlanta, Ga, Fee (whose former indie titles were released under the name Steve Fee) comes to redefine innovation in worship.

From airy riffs with U2-esque delay effects to crunchy straightforward rock and roll, the album “We Shine” runs the gambit on instantly loveable worship tunes that will be sure to satisfy the urge of any worshipper to praise God loudly.

The album opens with with the song “All Because of Jesus” which contains lyrics that are easy for any believer to take ownership of in their praise to God. A highly relatable, and rythymically pleasing song, “All Because of Jesus” has already become a staple in the setlist of many worship leaders.

But what of the album’s title track? You’d expect the title track of an album to be a song that clearly defines the album’s theme. “We Shine” does not disappoint. This track is a soaring anthem whose theme is worshipping freely, in spirit and in truth as we as worshippers are called to do. From beginning to end, this song not only promotes unrestrained worship, it inspires it. It has become a popular anthem for many events and conferences this Summer.

“Beautiful the Blood” is another song that will sure to find way into your Worship Set. It has amazing dynamics from start to finish. You will also recognize a well produce cover of Tim Hughes, “Happy Day” on the album as well. 

It only takes a moment listening to the honesty in the writing and the vocals of Steve Fee to realize that this is someone who truly loves God and lives to worship Him.

This is more than just an album, it is a worship experience and we at Innovative Ministry Leader wholeheartedly recommend that you check it out! 


Team IML

Download Now! Free Phil Wickham Live Album

You can now download an exclusive live album from Phil Wickham at his blog. It is AMAZING! It is only available on his blog, so check it out. Phil Wickham is featured as one of our Innovative Worship Leaders for this year.

Team IML

Innovative Worship Leader: Brenton Brown

Brenton Brown “Because of Your Love” Album Review

We received an advance copy of Brenton Brown’s new cd “Because of Your Love.” This is an excellent follow up from Brenton’s first cd, which included the popular single “Everlasting God” and many more. First off let me start by saying I have seen Brenton and his team and they are pure Worship Leaders at heart, and have a deep passion to Worship God with all that they have. 

The cd starts off with the title track “Because of Your Love,” which is a great power anthem that is easy to pick up. It basically give’s God the thanks for all he has done for us. This is a great opening song for a Worship set, that will have voices raised. The third song on the record is “Adoration,” which feature Leeland Mooring. All I can say is THANK YOU, for finally putting a Worship Song out that is not the typical sound of everything that is out in the Worship Market. It has a unique feel, but is extremely easy to play and will have many joining in worship. One of the most powerful songs on the cd is “Amazing God,” which is yet another powerful anthem of how great God is. It has a catchy chorus that is great for congregational worship. The cd overall has many creative sounds, that makes it unique and one of a kind. 

This is definitely an album that all of us at Innovative Ministry Leader recommend. Brenton has a lot of strong collaboration, writing with Paul Baloche, Matt Maher, and others on this record. It is super easy to learn and incorporate into your ministry or church. The album is now available through Itunes. It has no official release date for stores yet but we will update as soon as we hear.


Top 10 Innovative Worship Leader List

Over the next few weeks we will start to review the Worship Leaders selected on our top 10 Innovative Worship Leader List. 

We have compiled a list of our Top 10 Innovative Worship Leader List. However we feel that there are many more that need to be part of this list. If you know of any Worship Leaders that are just breaking out, or not that discovered yet we want to know about them. All of these artists have amazing hearts and care deeply about rising up Worship Leaders for this generation. (Of course we endorse all of the big ones as well, Tomlin, Crowder, etc. We will include them down the road) 

1. Fee (Steve Fee) Based out of North Pointe, Steve is an amazing Worship Leader with a strong heart, His Songs include, Glorious One, How Beautiful the Blood, We Shine, All Because of Jesus and many more.

2. Phil Wickham- Very Creative, amazing song called True Love that has a different spin on Worship. Latest album is “Cannon.”

3. Worth Dying For– Considered a similar version of Hillsong but here in America. Have many powerful anthems such as “Revolution” and “Unite.” They have a huge youth following in California.

4. JLee (Jonathan Lee) Co-Writer with Jeff Deyo, Jonathan has finally started recording his first album. Co-Written, “Jesus I Surrender”, “Unveil,” and many more. His latest single will be “Beautiful King,” which will release on his new album early

5. Tenth Avenue North– Incredible worship band originally from South Florida. Have a hit single out now called “Love is Here.”

6. Starfield- Energetic and passionate Worship Leaders. Starfield emerges from Canada, with a fresh innovative sound.

7. Brenton Brown- Writer of “Everlasting God,” Brenton Brown keeps a fresh unique sound to worship.

8. Laura Story- Writer of “Indescribable,” Laura Story has so much passion for teaching and leading people in Worship.

9. Matt Maher Writer of “Your Grace is Enough,” has fresh new sound for Ministries to engage in.

10. Leeland- Amazing young talent from Texas. Has Co-written with Michael W Smith, and has released two amazing albums. Strong passions for Worship, with Innovative Approach.