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“Mad Church Disease”-Overcoming The Burnout Epidemic


“Mad Church Disease”-Overcoming The Burnout Epidemic

Innovative Ministry Leader just finished reading an advance copy of Anne Jackson’s new book “Mad Church Disease.” What an amazing resource for every Pastor, Worship Leader, Ministry Leader, Business Professional, etc. This is a book that focuses on organizing your life, to have a healthy balance with work, family, and personal time. 

Popular Communicator/Blogger, Anne Jackson ( shares her personal story of how burnout has effected her personal life throughout the years. Anne focuses on the emotional, physical, relational and spiritual effects of the burnout epidemic.

Mad Church Disease does a complete job at identifying burnout, the risks, and how to recover. The book takes a serious look at the health factors and how serious this silent disease can be for you or your organization. The book concludes with the focus of how to process the pain of being hurt in the past, which almost everyone can relate to at some point in their life. Beyond reading Mad Church Disease, this is a great resource to have concurrent in your life and to share with your entire team. 

What we really admire about this book, is that Anne shares honesty and real stories of her past, that you will be able to relate with. At the end of each Chapter, there is a section called the “Exam Room,” which will allow you to self assess your own life. You will also find at the end of each Chapter a “Second Opinion” section that will express the views of some world class leaders such as Bill Hybels, Craig Groeschel, Perry Noble, and more. 

Innovative Ministry Leader strongly endorses this book and you will be able to pick up a copy in February of 2009. We will be doing some more focuses on Mad Church Disease  before the book is released so stay tuned.  You can also pre-order from Amazon by clicking here.

In the mean time you can check out three of Anne’s sites and for more information.

Team IML

Mad Church Disease is published by Zondervan

Mad Church Disease is endorsed by Dr. Wayne Cordeiro, Craig Groeschel, Tim Stevens, Mark Batterson, Nancy Beech, Nancy Ortberg, Shauna Niequist, Matthew Paul Turner, and more


IML Pick: Crazy Love by Francis Chan

We at Innovative Ministry Leader love having the privilege to read books and recommend them. One thing we do not do on our site, is get paid to advertise, review, or anything of that nature. Reviews are our opinion of what we feel are great resources for Today’s Innovative Leaders. We make a point to read every word, and offer a strong recommendation. Feel free to comment and let us know of any great resources that we might be overlooking. 

One book that we picked up and could not put down was Crazy Love by Francis Chan. This book is so deep that we strongly recommend that you pick a copy up. It is strongly endorsed by Chris Tomlin, Louie Giglio and other influential leaders. 

The book challenges the calling of Christians to experience and radically respond to the love of God. This book challenges us to experience God’s overwhelming love and make radical changes in our living. Francis Chan encourages us to take a deeper look at the Bible and how it calls us to live our lives. 

Francis Chan challenges us to take our faith to a new level. As Christians it is not right to see what Jesus can do for us, rather what we can do to serve him. In Chapters 4 and 5, he talks about being Lukewarm, and what the bible says about the Lukewarm in Revelations 3: 15-18. It might make you a bit uncomfortable, but scripture will clarify the truth.

The book continues to get deeper and deeper with different concepts of God’s Love and how we as Christians are sometimes not getting the point. One thing, unlike most books, is the use of scriptures Francis Chan uses throughout the Chapters. It is great to see a book that is not all opinionated but driven by scripture. Chapter 9 gives some examples of actual individuals who live a life that is obsessed and crazy in love with God.

There are so many exciting points that this book makes, that you will have to pick up a copy and read for yourself. This book will help guide you from not just believing in God, but to truly fall in love with him in your daily life.

Francis Chan also has a website where you can stream videos and other resources that go with the book. 

Team IML

Crazy Love is published by David C. Cook

XXX Church Moves to Vegas

XXX Church, which we covered a few weeks ago, has recently moved their ministry from Michigan to Las Vegas. This makes perfect since because it is a capital for the Adult Entertainment Industry.

This is a place where 40 million people visit each year. Over 10,000 prostitutes work in Las Vegas. The sex industry alone in Vegas racks in 6 billion dollars a year. 

Here is an excerpt from the XXX Church site of why they have moved there:

Las Vegas centers around an area called “The Strip.” There are churches in the suburbs surrounding downtown, but nothing on the strip. Although the neon lights shine brightly on the Strip, this area is one of the darkest spiritually in our nation. We must not blame the dark for being dark, but instead need to blame the light for not shining on the darkness. It’s time for all of that to change. It’s time for the people who live and work on and travel to the Strip to have Isaiah 9:2 become a reality, “The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.” Jesus said, “I have come to seek and save the lost,” and Jesus called us to go into the darkness, to meet people where they are at, and to save the lost. For this very reason we have decided to bring XXXchurch to the strip. Something new, something different, something totally unexpected for those who live and work around the strip and the millions of people who visit Las Vegas each month.

So many Pastors and Leaders are criticizing them for what God has called them to do. They sometimes get more hate mail than encouragement from believers around the world.

Jesus did call us to go into all the world. Even the darkest places to show the light. 

Please take some time to pray for Craig Gross and his team at XXX Church.  Visit their site for ways that you can support their ministry. 

Team IML

IML Pick: XXX Church

We at Innovative Ministry Leader are true believers of meeting people exactly where they are at. XXX Church is a ministry based organization that goes to the heart of the Porn Industry, to reach out to Porn Stars, Producers and others involved in the industry. They do everything from sharing the love of God just as Jesus did when he walked the earth. 

They even have have help for Pastors and other Ministry Leaders that are addicted to Pornography. One shocking figure is that 50% of Pastors struggle with Pornography. The sad thing is that the biggest complaints for XXX Church come from Churches across the country, that spend time sending negative messages to the leaders that drive this ministry. Take time to support and encourage them for all that they are doing.

One of the biggest free resources that they have is their “X3 Software.” It is an accountability software that you can put on your PC or Mac, that lets someone else know if you are visiting questionable sites. We strongly recommend this resource for everyone to use whether they deal with pornography or not. 

Also check out a book that Craig Gross and J.R. Mahon wrote called, “Starving Jesus.” The whole concept of the book is to basically get your butt out of the pews and do something for someone else. It will turn you upside down when you view the perception of ministry. 











Check out and for more information and resources from XXX Church.

Team IML

IML Pick: “You Version” from

This is probably one of the most amazing, innovative resources that Lifechurch has given away. “You Version” is the Holy Bible, New and Old Testament online with tons of features. It is also available in many translations as well. Recently it has become fully integrated with the IPhone 3G. 

Again it is completely free, so check it out today.

Team IML

IML Pick: Prayer








In June launched One Prayer. ( It was an opportunity for hundreds of Churches to join together for one series. Craig Groeschel presented the question that if you had one prayer for the church at large what would it be. One Prayer was a chance for churches to preach one Sunday and then choose from over 60 other messages from Pastors around the world to broadcast to their church for what their “One Prayer” would be. Craig’s prayer for was “Make Us One.” The campaign also had a goal for churches as one to raise money to start 500 churches over seas. 

The campaign was extremely successful. Over 1,600 churches became a part of the partnership, with close to a million people viewing each week. They were able to raise thousands of dollars for world wide mission. It is great to finally see such “true” unity in the body of Christ. 

Team IML