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Blog Tour with Dave Browning

We had the chance to ask Dave Browning a quick question about being a Deliberately Simple Church. This is based on the book Deliberate Simplicity which we strongly recommend you pick up a copy. (SEE REVIEW BELOW)

We asked Dave if he could give us a typical week schedule of his role of the lead Pastor of Christ the King Community Church.

Monday – personal day for prayer and fasting
Tuesday – morning staff meeting, afternoon meetings, evening recovery group
Wednesday – morning mens group, afternoon counseling
Thursday – morning Sunday program prep, afternoon Network Resources meeting
Friday – writing/off
Saturday – off
Sunday – morning teach 3x, evening small group

Feel free to comment on things that you do similar and different in your schedules for the week.

Team IML

Craig Groeschel’s “IT” Blog Tour, Stop 7

We had the opportunity to present Craig Groeschel with a question from his latest book “IT.” Craig is the lead pastor of, one of the most innovative and fastest growing churches in the world. This is a great book for leaders of any type and we strongly recommend picking up a copy. 

Here are the questions: In Chapter 9, you write about turning focus outward. Could you share some insight and ideas on this topic? How so you and your team stay accountable to some of the ideas you presented? Can you provide some specific examples? (The last time you had a lost person in your home, conversations with non-Christians, praying for non-believers, etc.) How do you keep a balance with work, family, and reaching out to non-believers?

Sean Lewis, Innovative Ministry Leader

Craig: Thank you for the great questions.

When we studied our different campuses, we found that the newer ones tended to reach more people for Christ than the older ones.

While we’re still not totally sure why this is, we have a theory. It seems that for many people, the longer they are Christians, they fewer non-Christian friends they have. This is sad, but often true.

As a church staff, we work with Christians, have small groups with Christians, and hang out with Christians. If we’re not intentional, we could lose most of our relationships with non-believers.

Here are a few things we do to keep the evangelistic passion alive:

The leaders must model personal evangelism. This week I told our staff and the core of the church about a guy I’ve shared my faith with off-and-on for over 20 years. My friend recently started coming to church with his family and is taking big steps toward Christ.

We preach on the importance of sharing our faith.

We celebrate and tell stories about those who found life in Christ.

One of our campuses fasted one day each week for a month for people to come to Christ. That month the salvations on their campus skyrocketed.

You asked how to keep a balance between work, family, and reaching out to non-believers. For me, the challenge of balance is between work and family, but reaching out to non-believers doesn’t strain the rest of my life. If I am living with the heart of Christ, hopefully I’ll be naturally (or intentionally) developing authentic relationships with non-Christians and sharing my faith through my lifestyle and words.

You can pick up the book “It” directly from or any local bookstore.

You can also visit Craig’s blog at

Team IML