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Blog Tour: Servolution by Dino Rizzo


Servolution is a great book that we encourage all of our readers to pick up. Dino Rizzo is the pastor of an amazing church called Healing Place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Dino will also be sharing about Servolution in the month of June on

We had the opportunity to ask Dino Rizzo a question relating to his new book.

In ministry we have all experienced different seasons in our lives. When times get tough for you personally, what is the best insight for keeping the spirit of Servolution alive?

Sean, thanks for being a part of the Servolution Blog Tour – and for the great question.  You’re so right – life is made up of ever-changing seasons.  One of the coolest things about serving others is the strength it gives the one who serves.  Jesus taught it himself, “It is more blessed to give than it is to receive.”  We have found that when you serve others – when you get your eyes off of your own needs for a while and help someone else in need, your own needs tend to look different afterward.  After you’ve spent a week serving AIDS orphans in Africa, I don’t feel so bothered by my own challenges.  Plus, when you serve together, you find strength in the others you’re serving with.  Many times, the very thing I’ve needed help with I have found the answer to in others I’ve been serving alongside.  Put those thoughts together with the truth that Jesus didn’t quit when the job got tough – he went all the way to the cross for me – how can I not go all the way and do whatever it takes to serve others?


Blog Tour: Anne Jackson, Mad Church Disease

We had a chance to ask Anne Jackson, author of  “Mad Church Disease” a question relating to her new book. Listed below is a review we did as well. We strongly recommend picking up a copy when available. She review and information listed below. 

What is the most important concept you have learned from writing Mad Church Disease? Are their any struggles of burnout that you still have to focus on today? 

The most important concept?  That if I’m not connected and growing and nurturing my relationship with Christ, I am a big ol’ hypocrite.  I may be “doing” lots of important “ministry” type things, some that even apparently have results, but Scripture says apart from Him we can do nothing.  Nothing!!!

This is something I still struggle with (this…and saying “yes” to too many good things and becoming overcommited and overwhelmed!).  It’s so easy to get wrapped up into doing things that help others, that I realize I’m doing it out of my own strength and not out of an overflow of my relationship with Christ. When I start feeling drained or defeated — that’s a huge indicator that I’ve been running on my own steam and I’ve got to literally pull away from what I am doing and refocus my time on my relationship with God.

Craig Groeschel to kick off Blog Tour September 15th

Craig Groeschel, author of IT, is going on a book blog tour this September!  The blog tour features 10 blogs over two weeks.

Craig will specifically answering a questions for us at Innovative Ministry Leader on September 23rd. 

Below is the schedule for this blog tour:

September 15 – Swerve (Craig Groeschel & Bobby Gruenewald)

September 16 – Scott Hodge

September 17 – Catalyst blog and On the Journey (Brad Lomenick)

September 18 – Velocity (Dave Ferguson)

September 19 –Zondervan blog

September 22 – Monday Morning Insight (Todd Rhoades)

September 23 – Innovative Ministry Leader (Sean Lewis)

September 24 – Tony Morgan Live

September 25 – Leading Smart (Tim Stevens)

September 26 – FlowerDust (Anne Jackson)

While the tour kicks off next week on the Swerve blog, you do not have to wait to find out more information about IT, interact with IT, and have a chance to win IT.

Each day this week on the Zondervan blog, they will be posting something about IT – videos about IT, messages about IT, ways to win IT, and ways to interact with others about IT.  

Visit for more information