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New Release from Jonathan Lee


With his latest release from 1CNrecords, Let Them Hear, Jonathan Lee offers up a worship album that is refreshing and honest. No stranger to the worship scene, Jonathan has been leading worship for over ten years, and has honed his craft as a songwriter, collaborating with various artists including Jeff Deyo, with whom he has co-written many songs, including “Jesus I Surrender” and “Unveil”.

While at times reminiscent of such artists as Hillsong United, Fee and Leeland, Jonathan succeeds in crafting a sound that is truly his own. With a unique and clever blend of guitars and keys, Jonathan brings a mature and inventive sound to each track on this album. Lyrically this album shines, with expressions of worship that range from corporate declarations of praise to raw and very personal confessions of a need for communion with the Almighty.

One track from the album, “Beautiful King” has been featured in the May issue of Worship Leader Magazine’s Song DISCovery. This upbeat song of praise is already being used in churches across the nation and around the world to engage congregations in worship.

Other highlights of the album include the soaring anthem “Redeemed”, the intimate and passionate plea of “Oh My Soul” to which Sparrow Recording Artist Sarah Reeves lends her graceful vocals, and the hauntingly beautiful “Release”, with its simple message of the mercy and grace that we find at the cross of Christ.

Bottom line: don’t miss out on this must-have album from Jonathan Lee! Pick up a copy today on iTunes or at

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Worth Dying For


We have had this album for sometime and regret not doing a review on it earlier. Worth Dying For is a heavier, more energetic Worship group from California, that we have grown to love more and more. We had the privilege to meet and hang with the group last year in Nashville and found how real and transparent they were. They are one group that is not caught up in the Christian Music Industry game and has a pure heart for leading people in Worship.


Starting as a youth worship band, they have found their way to a full record deal with Integrity Records, and a national touring schedule. The album starts out with some powerful anthems such as “Revolution” and “Unite.” The have a great combo of a male and female lead vocals, which gives them a strong diversity in dynamics and sound. The album also has some great new congregational Worship Songs such as “Holy” and “At Your Cross.” 

Innovative Ministry Leader really admires Worth Dying For, as a creative new group that is passionate about reaching today’s generation for Christ. You can pick up their record on itunes or wherever records are sold.

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“The Fray” New Self Titled Album


By now many of you have probably already heard of a little band called “The Fray.” Well maybe not so little anymore, especially after selling 3.2 million copies of their last album “How to Save a Life.” 

They return with a fresh new self titled album, with new tunes that will keep you hooked and singing in you head all day long. “The Fray” spent a solid year creating this album, expressing true honesty in all of their writing. 

The albums first single is a song called “You Found Me,” that is already making its way to Christian Radio as well as hitting number #1 on main stream radio networks. “You Found Me” has also become a featured song on this years hit TV show “Lost.”

The Fray’s frontman Issac Slade comments that “You Found Me” is a tough song for himself. That it is about the disappointment, the heartache, and the let down that comes with life. He talks about the truth and honesty of how it can wear him down and really challenge his faith, but also how it keeps his reliance in God. The song expresses the overall feeling and the hope that he still has, buried deep in his chest. It has a great melody and dynamic aspect that creatively express the message.

One of our favorite songs on the album is “Never Say Never.” It is a song about two people who are pulling apart and coming together again and again. The band shares that many of them recently got married over the last three years, and it is hard balancing careers and marriage. The honest portrayal of marriage is true and believable. 

Musically speaking many of you will be impressed with a song called “We Build Then We Break.” It starts with a drum/bass combo opener with some great effects. The melodies leading through the chorus are extremely dynamic and unique that will give you a new taste of The Fray’s maturity and musical ability.

Innovative Ministry Leader admires the honesty of The Fray’s writing and strongly recommends this album. It is not a worship album or a CCM album, but a real and transparent album that will connect with listeners of all types. We wish there were more albums with authentic writing like this one. Production is fantastic on this album and keeps the piano driven sound they are known for. Dynamics are strong and many songs will stay in your head after listening from their creative melodies. One thing we noticed is how much “The Fray” has matured from their first album both lyrically and musically.

 The Fray’s new self title album releases February 3, 2009 (NEXT WEEK!) and you can purchase it on itunes or wherever records are sold. 

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David Crowder Band Remedy Club Tour Edition (CD/DVD)


Remedy Club Tour Edition Live CD and DVD from the David Crowder Band.

If you have not yet picked up a copy of this album, you need to get it immediately. This is one of the best live CD/DVD’s we have heard in a while. What we love about David Crowder is the creativity that he brings each time he does a live show. You will find Video Game instruments, megaphones and many other innovative features on this album. 

Most of the songs on this album are from his last album “Remedy.” It opens up with a great song called “I’m trying to make you sing.” Then instead of going for a super powerful opening they got straight to “The Glory of it All.” From there it is non stop, 16 songs of great powerful worship.

One of the coolest features of this DVD project, is that David Crowder and his band take you through and show you how to play the music on the album from almost all of the instruments. There is so much value from this one album that you will be able to take back to your Worship Teams.

You can order online at (click here for link) for $14.99. 

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This Beautiful Republic – Perceptions

This is a great group that has probably slipped under your radar if you have not heard of them by now. We have not found a single artist that can stand strong in both the faith based and secular market like, “This Beautiful Republic.” Their sound is a powerful melodic rock, that will stay in your head for days after listening. Being compared to artists such as Taking Back Sunday, Jimmy Eat Word, and even the Foo Fighters, they have a distinct sound that makes them original. 

The new album “Perceptions,” has many songs that you will grow to love. One of the opening songs is called “Learning to Fall,” which is a great testimony about falling away from God, and finding a way back to him. The chorus digs deep into falling on to your knees, surrendering all to God. It focuses on the importance of not trying to do all things on your own.

Our favorite song on the album is “Beautifully Broken” which states how God’s perception of ourselves is completely different than the way we should perceive ourselves. This is a song with strong lyrics and great dynamics.

“My God,” another powerful track, features singer Aaron Gillespie from the Almost and Underoath. This song focuses on losing touch with reality and coming back to God to be more real and transparent. 

We have to say this is one of our favorite new groups of the year. Lyrically and Musically, “Perceptions” is a solid album. This is clearly a band that has a strong testimony and the gift to reach out to people everywhere, unlike most Christian Artists and Bands. Be sure to pick up a copy today!

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Anberlin “New Surrender”

Anberlin, formerly on Tooth and Nail Records has recently crossed over into the mainstream with Universal to releases their fourth album “New Surrender.” We were blown away by this album from the first listen. Not only have they kept their Christ Filled passionate lyrics, but they have delivered an amazing sound of melodies and music. 

The opening song is “The Resistance” which has an upbeat tempo, stating to stand strong in Christ in the World. The dynamics and melody is extremely catchy and you will find this playing over and over in your head.

“Feel Good Drag,” is a re-rerelease from their second album. However this time around the production is much stronger and the song has a much better sound. This is a song about being careful of the relationships you get yourself in. Again extremely strong melodies and guitar rifts.

Our favorite song on the album is “Breathe.” The song is all about freedom. We have posted the lyrics for you to read for yourself. 

“Breathe” by Anberin

This is surrender
to a wartorn life i’ve lived
scars and stripes forever
in need of change i can’t resist

no need to hide anything anymore
cant return to who i was before

i can finally breathe
suddenly alive
i can finally move
the world feels revived

this long of a struggle
finally opened up my eyes
revolutions not easy
with a civil war on the inside

no need to hide anything anymore
cant return to who i was before

i can finally breathe
suddenly alive
i can finally move
cause I realise

i can finally breathe
suddenly alive
i can finally move
the world feels revived

Be sure to pick up a copy of this new release. This is a true display of modern, authentic worship, that we wish we could see more Worship Leaders engage with. 

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Listening Week!!!

This week we are going to be listing some of of our favorite new albums that you might want to check out.

Check them out.

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