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Another Look at Consumerism in the Church

As we take a deeper look at Consumerism in the Church, we have to understand what exactly is meant by consumerism in our ministries.

Lets start with the gospel. The gospel is clearly about a RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ. And also to share that relationship with others that do not know him.

So somewhere in time we became about extravagant buildings, only allowing a certain social group to participate, and many programs that entertain fellow believers.

How…..Why….What Happened…..

Francis Chan in a recent magazine issue talked about what it would be like if we were stranded on a desert island and had nothing but the bible to start a church.

What would we do if we did not have the option to build million dollar buildings, start thousands of dollars of programs, etc?

Let the innovation begin

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Troy Gramling this Tuesday!

Be sure to check out Troy Gramling this Tuesday on

Team IML

Innovative Ministry Lineup 2009, more coming soon

We have started to mention the lineup for Innovative Ministry Leader. Next week we will start pre-registration with a special incentive for early signups.

Here is some more of the lineup for 2009:

Mark Batterson/Pastor of National Community Church/Washington D.C.

Dave Ferguson/Pastor of Community Christian Church, IL

Ross Parsley/Worship Pastor of New Life Church/Colorado Springs, CO

Glenn Packiam/Worship Pastor of New Life Church/Desperation Band/Colorado Springs, CO

Skye Jethani/Author of the Divine Commodity/Editor of Leadership Magazine

Kevin Harney/Author of Leadership from the Inside Out

Greg Stielstra/Author of Pyromarketing and Faith Based Marketing/Marketing Director for Purpose Driven Life

Carl Cartee/Worship Leader/Artist

Sheri Gould/Vocal Trainer/Worship Leader

So Many more to come for 2009, this is just a start!

Team IML

Here is the rest of the lineup that we already announced:

Dino Rizzo/Pastor of Healing Place Church/Baton Rouge, LA

Anne Jackson/Author of Mad Church Disease

Troy Gramling/Pastor of Flamingo Road Church/Florida

Jeff Deyo/Worship Leader/Founder of Pure Worship Institute

Jonathan Lee/Worship Leader

Tommy Kyllonen aka Urban D/Pastor of Crossover Church/Tampa, FL

Does Church Music Make you Hate Yourself?

In the past we have commented on the pre-fabrication of worship music, and how it feels sometimes we are just praising a favorite song or artist.

A friend of ours, Chris Fann has posted a great post titled “Church Music Makes me Hate Myself.”  Be sure to check it out.

Let us know your thoughts.

Team IML

A New/Old Model for Church in the Post-Modern Age

Cindy in South Dakota, has recently posted an amazing post on A New/Old Model for Church in the Post-Modern Age. This is a great post following up many things we talked about last week. Her blog site is an amazing place to dive deep into scripture on a weekly basis.

You can visit her blog by clicking here.

Team IML

Great Quote from Dave Browning

We are currently reading a book called Deliberate Simplicity. Expect a review in the coming weeks. This is an amazing book on how the church can do more by doing less. 

We wanted to share a quote that we firmly believe in from Dave. “We believe if we can get God’s people to simply love God and love people, the church cannot be stopped.” Simple words but so much truth.

Be sure to stop back by for a full review on this book in a few weeks.

Team IML