$78 Dollars a Ticket for Casting Crowns!!

Wow, I don’t want to take this personally to the group Casting Crowns, because their hearts are amazing, and they are amazing writers. We just got an email from Ticketmaster, and their tickets range from $28-$78 dollars. That is a bit pricy to worship.

Secular concerts don’t even get that high. And again the Christian Music Industry wonders why they are not making it. Blink 182 just released a statement that they are going to be offering $20 dollar tickets to their shows. They are as big as you can get in the business, and they care about their fans to be able to afford a great experience.

Why do you think the industry is jacking prices? Is it really worth the money for a Worship Event?

Team IML


2 responses to “$78 Dollars a Ticket for Casting Crowns!!

  1. 78 dollars, yeah a little to high price. I know it takes money to put on the show and to have some left over for profit. I would hate to see youth groups pass up a worship oppurtunity. And that just may happen if this keeps up.

  2. So, are we supposed to be ‘going to shows,’ or showing Jesus to the world? I’m sorry, but when it’s the band that’s the draw, that’s not worship. Wherever two or more are gathered . . . and He shows up for free–or wait–no. If you want Him to show up, it’s a lot more than $78. It’s your life. But then, what good is your life without Him?

    I find it sad that we’re willing to pay $78 to have an experience with a Christian band and unwilling (many of us) to spend 30 minutes in the morning to meet with Jesus Himself. Something is very, very wrong here.

    True worship hasn’t got a lot to do with music. Music may help us to enter in, but true worship is simply looking into His face with awe and reverence and love and, well, worship. You can’t do that if you don’t know Him, even if the biggest band in the Christian music industry is playing in your living room.

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