Does Church Music Make you Hate Yourself?

In the past we have commented on the pre-fabrication of worship music, and how it feels sometimes we are just praising a favorite song or artist.

A friend of ours, Chris Fann has posted a great post titled “Church Music Makes me Hate Myself.”  Be sure to check it out.

Let us know your thoughts.

Team IML


2 responses to “Does Church Music Make you Hate Yourself?

  1. I don’t want to be judgemental, I read through the blog post your link led me too and what I read was “I feel this…I hate This, I wish this…I…I…I…”
    Worship is not about I, it’s about HIM. Sorry bro.
    No question, some praise leaders don’t have “IT” and can bore the heck out of anyone, if worship stinks, find a place where you can enjoy it.
    I think the REAL issue isn’t the music, or the place, it always, always, always…starts with ME, with US. Die to self people. Die to self.

  2. marc-
    as the author of the post, i couldn’t agree with you more. this has less to do with the music than with myself and the last statement was much more directed towards myself than anyone or the church itself.

    by no means am i blaming my church (that i love and wouldn’t leave over something petty like music), and that is something i need to work out on my own. i would also like other explorations of worship during a service, not only music, offering and preaching. many churches (not just mine) focus on these three aspects of worship exclusively.

    but overall, you are correct, the issue isn’t the music or place, it is me.

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