Blog Tour with Dave Browning

We had the chance to ask Dave Browning a quick question about being a Deliberately Simple Church. This is based on the book Deliberate Simplicity which we strongly recommend you pick up a copy. (SEE REVIEW BELOW)

We asked Dave if he could give us a typical week schedule of his role of the lead Pastor of Christ the King Community Church.

Monday – personal day for prayer and fasting
Tuesday – morning staff meeting, afternoon meetings, evening recovery group
Wednesday – morning mens group, afternoon counseling
Thursday – morning Sunday program prep, afternoon Network Resources meeting
Friday – writing/off
Saturday – off
Sunday – morning teach 3x, evening small group

Feel free to comment on things that you do similar and different in your schedules for the week.

Team IML


3 responses to “Blog Tour with Dave Browning

  1. Sean, this year I returned to an old practice of taking at least one Monday a month to go away and be in solitude with God. That practice had been squeezed out last year, but I am reinstituting it with great benefit.

  2. That is great insight Dave. Thanks for writing this book. I am sure it will be a valuable resource to Pastors around the world.

  3. sounds like a very balanced schedule that leaves time for the important/essential things. Setting aside Monday as a day of fasting/prayer is an incredible idea. Thanks for the challenge Dave, and to IML for posting this. you guys rock!

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