Change Yourself, Not the Church (phase_2) Selling a Counterfeit God

Selling a fake God

It seems that the more we understand scripture, it would appear that we as the church are, at times, presenting to our congregations a God who is not real. A God who, if you simply show up on Sunday morning, you will understand and experience him. We have become so prone to “selling” this God in our American churches that people can buy into him like a mainstream entertainment event; wearing t-shirts and bringing their friends, as if they were going to a rock concert. But God is not a rock idol at a weekend concert. He is eternal. Take a look at how people fell to their knees in reverent worship before the eternal God in the pages of the Bible. They worshiped in holy fear of God. Today we show up to our morning Worship Service, clap our hands, sit through announcements, listen to a message that really pumps us up, and then go back to our lives.

It seems that our worship of God has become nothing more than a pre-fabricated product. Most of the songs we sing in our churches are sold to us by the beloved Nashville Christian Music Industry, where writers are forced into rooms to write the next hit song to sell to the church. Some of the CRAP that is sold is unbelievable, but somehow if EMI, Integrity, or any other well-recognized label puts their stamp on it, it is great for the church. We are engaging in worship that was written solely for the purpose of being sold to the masses.

We need to realize that worshiping God is something we will do beyond our life on this earth. It is time to take it seriously. It seems that worshiping him involves so much more than what we experience today. The bible clearly says that worship is something that takes place throughout eternity.

Take a minute to think about that. Worship is an eternal thing.

Today’s church culture tends to put more emphasis on how great our church, is instead of how great our God is. When is this going to stop? “My church…My church…”…instead it should be “Jesus…”! Jesus didn’t invade our world as a baby, live a sinless life, die a torturous death, and rise again three days later so that we could talk about how great our churches are.

Jesus came for a relationship with people, and so that we could experience a more abundant life in him. If you embody that truth in the way you live, people will want to come to know him. Begin to get excited about Jesus, and maybe instead of having buildings full of church spectators, we will begin to see people transform into passionate followers of Christ.

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2 responses to “Change Yourself, Not the Church (phase_2) Selling a Counterfeit God

  1. Wow, wow, wow!
    This reminds me of when Paul was standing in the Areopagus in Athens and remarked on all of the religious objects of worship they had (Acts 17:22-23). He especially pointed out an altar inscribed with the words, “TO THE UNKNOWN GOD.” It was a great chance for Paul to reveal who that ‘unknown God’ actually is, and resulted in several people being saved!
    Thinking through this event again tonight, I can’t help thinking that Paul’s words to the Athenians could just as easily be addressed to the modern church.
    I wonder how many people go to church services each week without actually knowing Who they are there for; selfishly anticpating the Unknown God to solve all their problems without giving anything of themselves in return.
    Jesus told the woman at the well that God requires us to worship in spirit and in truth. To me, this requires us to give. Worshiping in spirit implies that we have taken the time to learn the language of the spirit that we may be able to worship Him appropriatley with a heart that is in the right place. To worship Him in truth requires a relationship. This relationship must be one that teaches the worshiper the boundries of truth, that we may worship Him according to what is true about Him.
    Let me explain that last point. So many ‘worship’ songs lead people into singing things that are just plain not true! If God calls the saved, “the righteousness of God in Christ”, then why do we sings songs about what dirty sinners we are. Why in the world would I want to spend time singing songs that don’t give God glory for the change He has done in my life? I don’t want to say or do anything that does not line up with God’s word…and I don’t want my worship to come out that way either.
    If we can grasp this reality about worship, I think more of us would be excited about the concept of getting to worship God for all of eternity!
    Love your thoughts here. And I love that you are not afraid to say what I believe God is calling us to begin to seriously examine about the Body of Christ.
    Keep it up. I’m lloking forward to mre!
    God bless.

  2. Wow, this was a wonderfully refreshing blog to read. I have been noticing these things going on in church for awhile now and they have been burdening my heart as I am at a loss for a solution. Praise God for His Word which shows us the true meaning of worship!
    I was reminded recently of the reverent worship that God required of His people in the Old Testament. His Holiness was to be revered with awesome respect and humility on the part of His people. They truly understood the awe that came along with worship. Today I am afraid we have lost so much of that awe. Just listening to some of the bippidy-bop songs sung in church today makes my heart cry out for a renewal of understanding for His true character and awesomeness.

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