Change Yourself, Not the Church (phase_1)

The word “Change” is extremely popular in today’s culture. From political campaigns to new churches, it seems that everyone is looking for the next big Change.

Recently we have been convicted by some thoughts that have literally been keeping us up at night. We often hear and talk about attempts to innovate the way we do church; to make it better, make it more relevant. But in spite of all the efforts to make the Church something better than what we’ve inherited, we seem to be missing out on the truth about who Jesus has called us to be.

We have transitioned to a platform of consumerism in the American church. It seems that Sunday has become just another calendared event to attend. In his book The Divine Commodity, Skye Jethani takes a look at how the church has transitioned from being a community that used to be relational, into an industry that creates its own brand of entertainment and sub-culture.

Sometimes it seems that the way we “do church” is nothing more than entertainment for the sake of attracting more people.

Over the next few days we want to examine some areas of church life; not in the hopes of providing solutions, but to ask questions and have others provide encouragement and insight about how we can unite as one; changing who we are as Christ-followers rather than focusing on changing the way we do church.

Here is the verse that will drive much of our thoughts throughout the week. “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.” Romans 12:2 NLT

Dwell and share your thoughts.

Team IML


5 responses to “Change Yourself, Not the Church (phase_1)

  1. Great post.

    I agree, it seems that in today’s culture, what you do is take 1 cup of facility, 1/2 cup of technology, 1/4 cup of “insta-hit” new age “Christian” music, throw in a pinch of surface issue biblical teaching (this ingredient optional), then season to taste with fake/superficial relationships (also optional) and VOILA! You have insta-church!

    Glory hallelujah! Praise be to the insta-church recipe!

    But wait… aren’t we missing something?

    You know why the church is declining? Because people can smell the fakeness.

    Where did the blessing go? Well, when you don’t even invite God (who by the way is supposed to be the reason we are gathering) to your church function, why should he bless it?

    “God we’re too busy trying to make you look good, can you come back another time?”

    Sounds silly right? Well, take a close look at the way we organize our worship gatherings and see if you can’t see that sort of being the message we are sending with our actions.

    Do we honestly think that if we don’t market God that He is incapable of doing it Himself?

    Our biggest mistake in the church is thinking that God needs us to make His plan work. No, He doesn’t. But, He does like to use us for that purpose. He doesn’t have to though.

    Until we shift gears and start actually CARING about people other than ourselves, start offering solutions, and start BEING ourselves and not the image we want people to see, then nothing will change.

    People are referring to Barack Obama as a “messiah”. Every Christian on earth should be ashamed to hear that. If we had been doing our job, this should never have happened. People shouldn’t be relying on the government to fix their problems.

    Someone needs to read the book of acts Christian, and it’s you! And when you finish reading it, read it again. Then, read it again, and again. That’s what church should look like. People sold their own things to provide for those in need so that no one had a need. Everyone worked together.

    You know, before this gets too long, I should probably stop here. Just remember this… If nothing changes, then nothing changes.

    Be blessed!

  2. Jason, Great Insight, you bring up some valid and true points. Thanks for sharing.

  3. But…..if we change ourselves, we change the church. We ARE the church…the church isn’t what we do – it’s who we are.

  4. Yes we are the church, and that is a good point, questions is who are we being that is creating the church that we are to be. I like the way you phrase it, because it is absolutely true. When we become people of great relationships with Jesus the Church will not be stopped.

  5. I agree. It is sad seeing all of this. God reminds me through the parable of the wheat and the tare. They( true believers and distracters) are in the same field growing together. We have to be the right type of farmer and plant the seed of love and relationship. It is God who will do the removing of the tares. I ask him for guidance through these fields because I don’t want to do damage in doing the “right thing”. I now realize why the road we walk is narrow. We walk with a lot of people in this life, but it is how we walk that determines the width of the walkway.

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