Great Quote from Dave Browning

We are currently reading a book called Deliberate Simplicity. Expect a review in the coming weeks. This is an amazing book on how the church can do more by doing less. 

We wanted to share a quote that we firmly believe in from Dave. “We believe if we can get God’s people to simply love God and love people, the church cannot be stopped.” Simple words but so much truth.

Be sure to stop back by for a full review on this book in a few weeks.

Team IML


2 responses to “Great Quote from Dave Browning

  1. Craig Groeschel from has always said one way his ministry lost “it” was by doing to much, softball ministry, concerts, etc,…they narrowed it down to 5 STRONG things and God has blessed them, it has worked for us as well at Flamingo Road Church. Good post, great quote!

  2. Marc, great point. “it” is such a great book.

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