Dark Places of the World

After our post on In Technology We Trust yesterday, we got a few post on Dark Places of the World. Many people say technology is great for reaching people in dark places of the World.  And yes we agree. 

But where are some places that technology is reaching that we need to go? Not only go but build relationships?

We passionately want to be a community at IML that is passionate about going into dark places to reach the lost. 

What are your thoughts?

Team IML


2 responses to “Dark Places of the World

  1. Chris (twitr: @theugfm)

    Might post more later….eyelids are slightly less than open. But I had a quick thought….can technology create a relational “dark place”? Example: Someone having hundreds of followers, and yet relationally connected to none of them. Similar to knowing the Scriptures but not knowing Jesus.

    If it does, even to a small degree, then our increasingly technological society might be on it’s way to being rather dark…

  2. So many times in the bible everything stopped just to find that “lost” person, it’s easier to just be around US, around believers. Jesus was constantly judged for being around sinners, they must have been in “Dark places”, he came for the lost.
    We need to live to find those who are lost…and get them the message of the good news..where ever we can reach and preach and teach.

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