What keeps you up at night?

Just a simple question. Would love to hear things you are passionate about.

What keeps you up at night? It can be anything.

Team IML


12 responses to “What keeps you up at night?

  1. Good question. I have been really concerned with the false relationships the church is building with people. It seems to be so fake and commercialized. Everyday I am convicted that being a follower of Jesus is so much more relational than a program or building of programs. Anyone else feel the same way?

  2. I can identify Michael. It’s tough to strike a balance between being authentic followers of Christ and identifying with and building bridges to a very fake and commercialized culture. I think this is especially difficult for church leaders; balance is difficult to find and maintain…in regards to relationships, I heard the question asked one time “are you using ministry to build up people, or are you using people to build up your ministry?” it’s always good to stop and evaluate your true motives…a little gut check is a good thing. Thanks for your comments and insight.

  3. Student ministry. We want to be welcoming and engaging and fun, but not shallow and superficial and watered-down. Where’s the balance? If we were going to err on one side, which side should it be? Acts says that God added to His Church daily, but He calls us to reach out to the lost. How do we teach deep truths in simple ways? How do we keep the high school senior’s attention, but not lose the Jr. High students? What illustration would really drive this point home? And if we do too many sermon illustrations will they all be weakened by frequency? Which sermons deserve illustrations, then?

    Something like that.

  4. Michael, Rob, we agree with both of you. We will be doing a post in a few weeks called Change yourself, not the Church. It will focus a lot of on how we see the church as more of an industry vs a true place to connect with a real and living God.

    Lex, Student Ministry is extremely important to us. Although there are many ways to connect with kids, one of the most important we find beyond the creative sermons, activities, etc, is to be real and relevant with them. You have to meet them where they are at, and build a true relationship with them. Get to know them, what they are struggling with. It is a hard time to be a teen, and it is only getting harder for them. There is nothing more engaging than at the end of the day you know their hearts, and they know you authentically care about them. Also when you connect with them and know their true identity it is easier to share Jesus with them. They are extremely smart, and if you share who Jesus really is rather than some prefabricated resource, they will be more likely to fall in love with him.

  5. how to reach… engage lost people…how to ask questions that lead to relationship rather than offending people.

  6. Becky, great questions, the truth is the best way to engage with lost people is to just get to know them and give them a chance to know you. The more comfortable they become in a friendship with you the less likely you will offend them when you share your faith. You have to build trust, and that can mean loving them for who they are, no matter where they are in their life. We believe Jesus was like this, it doesn’t seem like he jumped into conversation about his Father and eternal life with everyone he met. Keep in mind all of his disciples where tied up in other things of the world when they met Jesus. He took them in for who they are and they embarked on a long learning process of who he was, and what he was here for. People strive for relationships, they want to feel important and loved. If we as Christ Followers can give love and acceptance to the world, more people will start to accept the truth.

  7. Man I am constantly thinking How can God use me to make the “worship experience” just incredible at my church, what tools do I need, what do I need to learn, what do I need to teach.

  8. Last night it was a sick child that kept me up. Trust me you don’t want details…

    No, seriously. Lately it has the been the level of brokenness in the families we are ministering to here in the church. Single parent families, abusive husbands, parents who have checked out of their kids lives. The amount of pain that some people are living with every day is enough to discourage any leader. My heart breaks for these families and I feel overwhelmed in trying to create a ministry where they can meet God and experience healing.

  9. Marc, thanks for sharing your thoughts. We get asked this questions a lot. There are many tangible things that can be done. Implementing loops, to fulfill your sound, learning how to customize loops and change-ups, programing extensive intelligent lighting, and so much more.

    But honestly what we have learned from talking with some of the most influential worship leaders in the country, Hillsong United, Jeff Deyo, and others that is preparing your heart before you lead others. I know this can sound typical, but if you can’t fall down on your knees in private and call out and worship the name of Jesus, how can you expect others to follow. You have to communicate that beyond the sound, lights, and music, that there is a God that loves them and wants us to worship him with everything we have. Share publicly what God is doing in your life and why you love Jesus. It is contagious, and the lights, sound and everything else will just add to that experience.

  10. David, we admire you sharing this so much. At the same time you are hurting for these families we are happy to see that God has put you there for them and you have a heart for them.

  11. Michael, I have lost sleep for the past 2 weeks over this subject. My heart has been hurting for the church for a long time. I just want people to see Jesus and how awesome and loving He is. Be encouraged and keep seeking that relationship with Him!

  12. From an educators vantage point, the coming generation of members (children today), are technologically adept, networked, and highly collaborative. They are not going going to be content sitting in a room, listening, and not having any input, remix, share, or comment on the content they are receiving and consuming.

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