Worth Dying For



We have had this album for sometime and regret not doing a review on it earlier. Worth Dying For is a heavier, more energetic Worship group from California, that we have grown to love more and more. We had the privilege to meet and hang with the group last year in Nashville and found how real and transparent they were. They are one group that is not caught up in the Christian Music Industry game and has a pure heart for leading people in Worship.


Starting as a youth worship band, they have found their way to a full record deal with Integrity Records, and a national touring schedule. The album starts out with some powerful anthems such as “Revolution” and “Unite.” The have a great combo of a male and female lead vocals, which gives them a strong diversity in dynamics and sound. The album also has some great new congregational Worship Songs such as “Holy” and “At Your Cross.” 

Innovative Ministry Leader really admires Worth Dying For, as a creative new group that is passionate about reaching today’s generation for Christ. You can pick up their record on itunes or wherever records are sold.

Team IML


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