Commercial Bowl

As we are sure many of you got a chance to see a great Super Bowl matchup last night. However the commercials seemed to be not as great (and we mean FUNNY) as past years. (Okay we guess the economy is really bad now, when companies can’t fork the millions for great ads anymore.) 

With churches being known to have the worst commercials ever, lets start a little segment of irrelevant ideas for marketing our churches and ministries. Just post a creative marketing idea you have and lets chat about it. It can be anything beyond tv advertising. Maybe we can spark something good, and crown a winner of the Commercial Bowl. 

Let’s hear what you got.

Team IML


One response to “Commercial Bowl

  1. at the end of the halftime show (and the springsteen crotch first powerslide), i said the words “what recession”? i also said the same thing about big budget commercials for products we already buy in the first place. ‘Go Daddy’ tried to strike gold again by doing the same controversy and the Doritos commercials were humorous.
    as for church marketing…’flashy’ and ‘commercial’ is SOOOO turn of the century.

    quit ripping people off.

    out of all of the marketing we’ve ever done, word of mouth is still the inferno that’s buzzing. even through the internet. boring, i know…i think that marketing comes with having a superior product to give people.

    try selling a sex series by passing out condoms to adults with your church info printed on the label.

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