What is ahead

We have been working around the clock on many exciting things for this year. We would like to give you a preview for what is ahead over the next few months.

1. First off we have been reading and getting ready to review some amazing books. Just a few of the titles are, The Divine Commodity, 10 Stupid Things That Keep Churches from Growing, Tribes, Reality Check, and many more. We will be posting insight and links soon for all of these and more.

2. We are releasing a new series on the blog that is extremely important to us called, “Change Yourself, Not the Church.” You will most certainly want to share insight on this topic.

3. We would love to know what topics and discussions you would be interested in. We want to make this blog more of a community environment.

4. We are about a month away from launching the Innovative Ministry Leader site. However we don’t want to give to much information away, but know this, the site will be a great portal for information and insight for today’s Pastors, Worship Leaders, Technicians, and any other leaders on your team. You will not find anything else like it.

Subscribe for our email feed up in the top right corner and we will keep you updated with what is ahead. We will also offer first access to blog subscribers to the new site.  

Team IML


2 responses to “What is ahead

  1. can’t wait to see what is to come…!

  2. Subscribed! Excited for what’s to come!

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