What Presentation Software are you using?

We would like to take a quick pole of what presentation software everyone is using. Be sure to distinguish if you are a Mac or PC user. THANKS

Team IML


16 responses to “What Presentation Software are you using?

  1. Pro Presenter, Mac user

  2. PC – Powerpoint

  3. Song Show Plus on a PC with a NEW PROJECTOR… Yay!

  4. Pro Presenter 3 – Mac Pro
    Pro Video Player – Mac Pro

  5. MediaShout 3.5

    Best value for money. Our sister church uses Easislides (free!)

  6. EasyWorship 2007 build 1.6

    Been using it for over 1 year, and it has really been helpful at church.

  7. We use presenter by Discovery Systems at Church on a pc. Same software as Hillsong use. (not to be confused with Pro Presenter for Mac)

  8. pro presenter/mac. however, when i’m using pro tools, i will sync .dv files to my click. it’s an efficient way of getting your words up there….most of the time. 🙂

  9. Easy worship in 4 venues. Moving to ProPresenter soon.

  10. We use:
    opensong on a PC wor words
    Live worship on an iMac for vids

  11. ProPresenter – MacBook Pro

  12. Pro Presenter Macbook….
    love the simplicity and workability of it….

  13. ProPresenter on an iMac….doesn’t get much better than that baby.

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