Is Christian Music Dying?

Collide Magazine posted an article months ago on their site about the topic of, “Is Christian Music Dying?”

Since we have been talking about the Christian Music Industry over the last few days, I thought this article would interest many of you. 

You can view the article here.

Feel free to post some insight and thoughts.

Team IML


3 responses to “Is Christian Music Dying?

  1. paulthinkingoutloud

    Just hours ago, the largest Christian music distributor in Canada, CMC, which controls about 90% of the Christian music and video sold here, announced they are selling their assets to David C. Cook Canada and effectively ceasing to exist as an autonomous distribution source. The change takes effect Sept. 1st.

    Over lunch, I asked my wife, “What do they know that we don’t?”

  2. Interesting article.

    I’d have to agree with the author’s closing advice–except for one thing. I don’t think it’s up to the fans at all. I think it’s God the artists and producers need to please. Whether that translates into financial success or not is irrelevant. Pleasing God is simple–do what He tells you to do. If you can’t figure out what that is, the best bet is not to do anything until He says something.

    As to whether the “industry” is dying, um, well, I kind of have to say, “I hope so.” Not that I want to see Christian artists unable to pursue their callings or Christ followers like me unable to find good, inspiring music, but I really hate that it’s an industry.

    Should anything pertaining to following Jesus be an industry? Should it be pursued for profit? This is a very big question for me right now, and it extends beyond music into preaching, writing, manufacturing, etc.

    Who should make their living from the gospel? The only for-sure NT example we have, from a man who chose not to take advantage of his privileges, is that of apostles. There are others who may have received support, but the nature, duration, and regularity of such support is not documented, and may have consisted of nothing more than honor and respect.

    Granted, you can’t produce the professional quality of music we’ve come to expect without spending some money. So the question arises . . . is God interested in professional quality? Does He care? Or does He hear only and exclusively the heart of worship, however bright the professional polish of that work might be?

    God bless, Cindy

  3. Thanks Cindy, your insight is always valuable, sometimes we think you should be writing on here. That is a tough question and we might have to pose it over the next week. Thoughts on making a living from the gospel, industry based on Jesus. We will probably talk about that tomorrow.

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