Help us Pick: 2009 Innovative Worship Leader List

We are currently evaluating an Innovative Worship Leader List for 2009. We want to compile the list full of creative and God Centered Artists and Worship Leaders. It does not mattered if they are signed or independent. Share some links and insight and we will put together a list over the next week.

Team IML


8 responses to “Help us Pick: 2009 Innovative Worship Leader List

  1. Ron, Daniel Doss is amazing, We really want to include him on the list for 2009.

    Michael, Jonathan Lee is a great friend of ours, we got to hear a clip of his new album, and it is incredible, and his heart is even greater. Phil Wickham, too, great stuff.

  2. Steve Fee would be on the top of my list…leads worship regularly at North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, GA. Also involved in the Passion movement. He has written some great songs…great writer and worship leader.

  3. Steve is amazing, we got a chance to hang with him this summer at a conference we worked at.

  4. Well, I don’t write or record so I can’t throw myself in that one yet, but hey I’ve gotta go for my boy Isreal Houghton, just unreal, composer, insane musicians, authentic Worship Leader and still on top of his game…Mad props…

  5. Can I nominate a Worship-Leader Passe? There’s no way I could nominate just one from our gang of humble, gifted, innovative, passionate & relevant worship leaders.
    Flamingo Road Church: Pastors Ricky, Vaughn, Marc, Heredes, Mike & Brian

    Good luck, guys, Appreciate you, man

  6. Tommy Walker continues to amaze as a song writer and worship leader. He’s not a young up-and-comer but he’s been the best for 10 yrs

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