Blog Tour: Anne Jackson, Mad Church Disease

We had a chance to ask Anne Jackson, author of  “Mad Church Disease” a question relating to her new book. Listed below is a review we did as well. We strongly recommend picking up a copy when available. She review and information listed below. 

What is the most important concept you have learned from writing Mad Church Disease? Are their any struggles of burnout that you still have to focus on today? 

The most important concept?  That if I’m not connected and growing and nurturing my relationship with Christ, I am a big ol’ hypocrite.  I may be “doing” lots of important “ministry” type things, some that even apparently have results, but Scripture says apart from Him we can do nothing.  Nothing!!!

This is something I still struggle with (this…and saying “yes” to too many good things and becoming overcommited and overwhelmed!).  It’s so easy to get wrapped up into doing things that help others, that I realize I’m doing it out of my own strength and not out of an overflow of my relationship with Christ. When I start feeling drained or defeated — that’s a huge indicator that I’ve been running on my own steam and I’ve got to literally pull away from what I am doing and refocus my time on my relationship with God.


5 responses to “Blog Tour: Anne Jackson, Mad Church Disease

  1. Thanks so much Sean!!!!

  2. This is a great book and resource, Thank You for putting it together!

  3. Even though I’m not “officially” in a big ministry leadership role, this book looks like it speaks to anyone trying to BE a disciple and MAKE disciples. Thanks, Anne

  4. Adrienne, you are abosolutely right, this is a great resource for any area or profession.

  5. I agree with Adrienne too! Looks like a good read for anyone striving to make church all that is was intented to be!

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