What is the best way to implement Secular Music in the Church?

Yesterday we got a great amount of feedback on thoughts of Secular Music, and using it as a tool in the Church.

We would love to hear your thoughts and insight on some ways you might use Secular Music in your ministry or church. 

Jason from Transparent Christian Magazine, a great online resource, sent us a link(below) on a story we were relating to the other day. Be sure to check out the interview with Todd Abernathy, who came to church, from simply hearing a secular song being blasted from an outside loudspeaker.


Team IML


3 responses to “What is the best way to implement Secular Music in the Church?

  1. I don’t believe that secular music should be used in worshio services. Would Jesus of used secular music to draw his people.

  2. why do we sanctify music and dont do the same with cinema, tv shows, theater, etc.??

    Would Jesus of used secular music to draw his people??
    How many times Jesus sung on the bible?? Should I assume that Jesus dont like music??

  3. What a funny question: would Jesus use secular music in His church. I think many people wouldn’t like Jesus’ church if He did have one, that’s for sure 🙂
    Paul was familiar with secular cultures and poetry and used them in his ministry. I think there is a needed place when it’s appropriate for secular music in church.
    -Prelude to the service. Wow what an incredible way to to help guests lower their heightened level of uncomfortableness. I used to play U2 and such before our church services.
    -Special music – instances where song would enhance the meaning and message of word being delivered. Many times there are brilliant topical and spiritual songs written by artists not under a “Christian” label.
    -Within worship! We use the beat/tempo/style of With or Without You to sing Blessed Be Your Name (same chord progression and such)

    Its a bit disappointing this didn’t garner as much discussion as the previous post. I’ll head on over to read the link!

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