Future of Worship

A few months ago we had the opportunity to attend the Pure Worship Institute. Jeff Deyo in one of the keynotes discussed the “Future of Worship.” This opened a great dialog of challenges for Worship Leaders that were there. I am going to touch on one of the points that he discussed.

He started out by describing an analogy of him and his wife. He said that he can come home one day, and give his wife a beautiful greeting card. The card has a nice poem that was professionally written by the great folks at Hallmark. But then he puts the card down, and tells his wife what she means to him. The words are straight from the heart and might not be as proper as the words in the greeting card, but it is 100% authentic. 

Why can’t we Worship the God we serve with this motive? He went on to explain that in Worship we should be able to continue with music and sing our own words to God, that in a Worship set we should not look at how much time we have and fill it in advance with so many songs. However he did mention there is nothing wrong with preparing for so many songs.

Why are we so set on other people’s “Sunday Set List?” I’m not going to lie, but this shook us up a bit. 

What do you think about the Future of Worship and how we can become more intimate with God with this motive?

Team IML


3 responses to “Future of Worship

  1. Ok…so this how i feel…i am a high school senior who leads 2 bible studies and is a worship leader in the youth department at my church…worship in my oppinion needs a change because people’s hearts are not being moved or focused on God because US worship leaders are dictating what is goin to be done…if people were able to sing what they feel then the entire outlook of worship would change…worship would no longer be words and chord changes, but rather a major outpooring of true emotions and sincere attitudes towards God the maker of heaven and earth!!! So to rap it up..the idea of worship (in my oppinion) needs to change. if you don’t believe me look at Matt Redman and the song Heart of Worship, and let’s get back to what worship really is!!!

  2. Taylor,

    I appreciate your heart. Keep in mind though worship is not just an outpouring of emotions, though our emotions play a part, they are of minor consequence to a true heart, spirit and mind of worship. Also I’d be hesitant to group all US worship leaders in a big bucket, every pocket of the country has a lot of different stuff happening musically.

    Team IML,

    With only reading your paraphrasing of Jeff Deyo I’d say he may be right in some contexts. But worship in a corporate context I’d say the primary job of the worship leader is *not* to give an open venue to each persons individual expression, but to unite the body in worship. A practical point of uniting a body is providing organization and planning so people can follow. So if we’re talking about normal Sunday morning worship in a corporate context with non-believers than I’d say, I disagree. In some other contexts a more open format may work well, like closed prayer meetings and such.

    But corporate, gathered worship is not about letting each person express individually in their worship bubble. It’s about gathering in a united way to praise Jesus and has so little to do with our individual preference of how we prefer to express ourselves artistically.

  3. Oh how I wish the church would wake up and hear some of this!! I think as hard as we try, we limit the presence of God soooo much. Even though I don’t lead, I am very passionate about worship and wanting to see people experience the presence of God. I think when people truly live surrendered, they will experience this. This is a huge job of worship leaders, and I pray that it will become everything it was intened to be for our churches, the body, and to truly bring glory to Him by engaging us with Him.

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