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“The Fray” New Self Titled Album


By now many of you have probably already heard of a little band called “The Fray.” Well maybe not so little anymore, especially after selling 3.2 million copies of their last album “How to Save a Life.” 

They return with a fresh new self titled album, with new tunes that will keep you hooked and singing in you head all day long. “The Fray” spent a solid year creating this album, expressing true honesty in all of their writing. 

The albums first single is a song called “You Found Me,” that is already making its way to Christian Radio as well as hitting number #1 on main stream radio networks. “You Found Me” has also become a featured song on this years hit TV show “Lost.”

The Fray’s frontman Issac Slade comments that “You Found Me” is a tough song for himself. That it is about the disappointment, the heartache, and the let down that comes with life. He talks about the truth and honesty of how it can wear him down and really challenge his faith, but also how it keeps his reliance in God. The song expresses the overall feeling and the hope that he still has, buried deep in his chest. It has a great melody and dynamic aspect that creatively express the message.

One of our favorite songs on the album is “Never Say Never.” It is a song about two people who are pulling apart and coming together again and again. The band shares that many of them recently got married over the last three years, and it is hard balancing careers and marriage. The honest portrayal of marriage is true and believable. 

Musically speaking many of you will be impressed with a song called “We Build Then We Break.” It starts with a drum/bass combo opener with some great effects. The melodies leading through the chorus are extremely dynamic and unique that will give you a new taste of The Fray’s maturity and musical ability.

Innovative Ministry Leader admires the honesty of The Fray’s writing and strongly recommends this album. It is not a worship album or a CCM album, but a real and transparent album that will connect with listeners of all types. We wish there were more albums with authentic writing like this one. Production is fantastic on this album and keeps the piano driven sound they are known for. Dynamics are strong and many songs will stay in your head after listening from their creative melodies. One thing we noticed is how much “The Fray” has matured from their first album both lyrically and musically.

 The Fray’s new self title album releases February 3, 2009 (NEXT WEEK!) and you can purchase it on itunes or wherever records are sold. 

Team IML


What is ahead

We have been working around the clock on many exciting things for this year. We would like to give you a preview for what is ahead over the next few months.

1. First off we have been reading and getting ready to review some amazing books. Just a few of the titles are, The Divine Commodity, 10 Stupid Things That Keep Churches from Growing, Tribes, Reality Check, and many more. We will be posting insight and links soon for all of these and more.

2. We are releasing a new series on the blog that is extremely important to us called, “Change Yourself, Not the Church.” You will most certainly want to share insight on this topic.

3. We would love to know what topics and discussions you would be interested in. We want to make this blog more of a community environment.

4. We are about a month away from launching the Innovative Ministry Leader site. However we don’t want to give to much information away, but know this, the site will be a great portal for information and insight for today’s Pastors, Worship Leaders, Technicians, and any other leaders on your team. You will not find anything else like it.

Subscribe for our email feed up in the top right corner and we will keep you updated with what is ahead. We will also offer first access to blog subscribers to the new site.  

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“Questions on Church Planting” Ron Edmondson

We would like to point to a great blog that we read everyday. Ron Edmondson is the Pastor of Grace Community Church in Clarksville, TN. 

Check out a great post he did today about “Questions on Church Planting

We consider Ron to be one of the most authentic and innovative leaders today. Check it out.

Team IML

Which is your favorite Planning Tool for Services, Worship, etc…

With many planning tools online for your services and worship sets, we would like to know which ones you like and why? We are not concerned with image as much as we are with functionality. Please share.

Team IML

What Presentation Software are you using?

We would like to take a quick pole of what presentation software everyone is using. Be sure to distinguish if you are a Mac or PC user. THANKS

Team IML

Pure Worship Institute 2009

Here is an amazing video highlighting Pure Worship Institute 2009. We had a chance to attend last year, and can honestly say this is the most amazing Worship Event you can attend. Hosted by Jeff Deyo, a voice and father for modern worship, the education and insight is amazing at this weeklong event. Hands down you can not receive the insight at any other Worship conference like this one. This is not an event where products and material are pushed, but more of a focus on the true heart of Worship. 

Currently there is not a new registration page up, but we are sure it will be up soon. The event is schedule for July 12-17, in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Be sure to stay in touch at as they update for this year. 

Team IML

Jesus Industry

We would like to open a conversation on what you think about the world creating an industry to market Jesus. 

In a recent post, Cindy responded, 

Should anything pertaining to following Jesus be an industry? Should it be pursued for profit? This is a very big question for me right now, and it extends beyond music into preaching, writing, manufacturing, etc.

Whether we agree with it or not we have made Jesus a commercial product, selling it at Lifeway’s, and other Christian retailers around the world.

We have asked this question before, What is different of the Jesus Industry, than any other industry? 

Are all products that are created right in God’s eyes? Many Churches market sermons, and other resources, and sell them for hefty fees. We guess you could call it commercializing God’s word. 

Where do Christians need to draw the line? We have to recognize that some of the products we see at the local Christian Bookstore are just ridiculous. Try to imagine what it would look life if Jesus actually walked into a Christian Bookstore. 

We think it would be funny to see his reaction.

What are your thoughts?

Team IML