Follow Up…A 5 Year Old Gets It

Is it that hard to actually follow up to somebody when they contact you. This seems to be a simple business concept that Ministry Leaders and Business Professionals miss every day. 

I was discussing this topic the other day at dinner with my wife, when I asked, what is the typical thing to do when someone e-mails you. Our five year old daughter blurted out, “write them back and put it in the mail!” (not completely understanding the full concept of email yet, but cute.)

A five year old gets it!!!!

Why is it so hard for individuals to grasp this concept? 

E-mailing has made it easier than ever to give a quick response, why not utilize it. Too busy, then write a quick note saying you will get back at your earliest opportunity. It takes seconds. 

We have talked about retention in relationships, and it starts from the top up. I don’t care who you are, Pastor, CEO, Worship Leader, you can follow up with a quick response by e-mail. For crying out loud, you have every mobile tool to do so. 

I have seen the lack of follow up alone in the Christian Music Industry, and we wonder why they are having a tough time keeping their lights on. Same things with Pastors, I don’t care how big your church is, you ministry is about people and relationships with them. Christ was all about relationships and that is why his ministry carries on today. I do not care what your status quo is, or how busy you are. We have worked with some of the largest professional and Pastors in the country and they always follow through.  

Think about it…..

Team IML


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