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Are You a Saint or the Anti-Christ? Take the Faith-Based Marketing Quiz

Greg Stielstra, author and probably one of the most influential marketeers in business world, just put a quiz at his blog, The quiz is to exam how well you understand the faith community. Be sure to go and post your thoughts.



Greg has previously written a book called Pyromarketing, and has a new title coming out called Faith Based Marketing, The Guide to Reaching 140 Christian Customers. (releases April 2009)  You can keep up to date for his new book at

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Ministry Focus of the Christian Music Industry

We had an overwhelming response to the question of, “What are your thoughts on the Christian Music Industry?” Many of you responded feeling that there is a lot of good and bad in the industry. 

We wanted to take this questions back to the original roots of the question, and focus on what in the Christian Music Industry, (that is supposed to be centered around Christ) doing for the will of God?

Where is actual ministry taking place? (Sorry but selling cd’s, t-shrits, and concert tickets to a circle of believers does not classify as ministry, more like entertainment) 

What are some of the vision and mission statements that Christian Industry Organization have to reach people that don’t know Christ?

Team IML 

Merry Christmas!

We are thankful for all of you and look forward to partnering with many of you in 2009. Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy time with your families. See you in 2009!

Team IML

What do you think of the Christian Music Industry??

We would like to have an open post about what many of you think of the Christian Music Industry.

Do you feel that it is different than other secular organizations?

What impact does it have for the kingdom?

Does it really make an impact to missions around the world with the millions that it makes each year? 

Just a questions to see what everyone thinks.

Team IML

CHECK OUT “I Am Second”

“I Am Second” is an amazing new resource we just discovered that shares testimonies of famous actors, musicians, sporting figures, businessmen and other individuals. It is a place where you can share your story and connect with people if you have struggles of any kind. This is a great cultural tool for someone that does not know Christ. You will see some familiar faces such as Jason Castro from American Idol, Joe Gibbs, Brian Welch from Korn, and many others. The video work is amazing.

Team IML

Innovate_not Imitate (Phase_1)

Innovate, Not Imitate 

I have been thinking of this topic for some time now.

What is true innovation?

Yes, I have a great love for technology and the benefits of its uses everyday, but I am deeply convicted by the reliance we have put on it in today’s church. It seems the deeper we get within technology, the more we are losing touch with REAL relationships.

Look at some of the largest churches in America. They can have everything from state of the art sounds systems, cutting edge visual media, intelligent lights and so much more. We commonly see different things imitated between the big ministries across the country. But as they grow by the thousands, where are the true authentic relationships. But after a while we start to notice that the largest churches in America, stop becoming the fastest growing and stay stagnate after a specific reach.

Why does growth stop after a certain point? 

It seems that many people come and go, like their looking for the next Night at the Roxbury. But in the club world great venues come and go. Some stay hot for years, and some never make a break. But then there are a select group of venues that have always been popular, CBGB’s, Abbey Road, House of Blues, etc. These places have hosted some of the  most popular groups in the World and have always had people drawn back to them. Somehow they have left everlasting relationships with their consumers. 

What is it about places like this?

Back to the Church, like great clubs and venues, we have churches with amazing speakers, talented worship leaders, and strong programming. But people tend to come and go. Why do we grow to a certain point while lacking in the area of retention. 

I strongly feel that it comes down to the word retention. The best way we see high retention is through strong relationships. 

Strong Relationships?

Well my church has small groups! Of course they do, so do many others. So why are people still coming and going?

Let’s just think for a moment. What if a church of 20,000, all of a sudden took away all of the bells and whistles. We are talking about the Sound Systems, Lighting, Visual Media, etc. Take it outside for one weekend, just a Pastor and his people. 

As a leader what would you do? How would things be different? 

We need to become innovative in our relationships. What? Is that possible? Innovative in our Relationships? This does not necessarily mean having the coolest resources of something to do this. But finding out what clicks to build a strong relationship. 

Think about the Ministry of Jesus. Down to just plain black and white. It WAS the Church with no walls, no sound system, and no web site, but people followed. In fact enough people followed one man that his ministry still exists today. Just a thought. 

Even take the Printed Bible. What if we had to memorize scripture? Yes, the printing press is one of the greatest technological inventions of all time. But What if we had to emphasize on memorization. 

We have to move from complete reliance on technology and how fast it advances us, and back to the heart of relationships. Jesus was a relational leader. When a strong relationship is built, it lasts. Small groups are amazing, but we have to become innovative with the way we approach people to get them into a small group. We have to become truly authentic, so they can be who they really are.

This is not a call to abandon the resources we have at our disposal. Yes we can reach so far with the advancements of modern technology and we would be foolish not to utilize. 

But lets focus on innovation in our relationships. We need to stop focusing on imitating other leaders and start innovating with people in front of us. (This does not mean to stop learning from others, but starting thinking for yourself!) 

Innovation is not Imitating the church next door. In fact I am more lead to believe that TRUE INNOVATION is being more original and using less resources to make an impact. Any church can build a state of the art building, hire the best speaker, and make it and entertaining place. But retention is not something everyone can say has been mastered and that is why I am writing this. 

What does that look like. I can’t truly tell you but it will be an ongoing project as we look deeper into the focus or retaining true relationships that last. 

Stay tune, Provide Feedback, and lets take this journey together…..

Team IML

Follow Up…A 5 Year Old Gets It

Is it that hard to actually follow up to somebody when they contact you. This seems to be a simple business concept that Ministry Leaders and Business Professionals miss every day. 

I was discussing this topic the other day at dinner with my wife, when I asked, what is the typical thing to do when someone e-mails you. Our five year old daughter blurted out, “write them back and put it in the mail!” (not completely understanding the full concept of email yet, but cute.)

A five year old gets it!!!!

Why is it so hard for individuals to grasp this concept? 

E-mailing has made it easier than ever to give a quick response, why not utilize it. Too busy, then write a quick note saying you will get back at your earliest opportunity. It takes seconds. 

We have talked about retention in relationships, and it starts from the top up. I don’t care who you are, Pastor, CEO, Worship Leader, you can follow up with a quick response by e-mail. For crying out loud, you have every mobile tool to do so. 

I have seen the lack of follow up alone in the Christian Music Industry, and we wonder why they are having a tough time keeping their lights on. Same things with Pastors, I don’t care how big your church is, you ministry is about people and relationships with them. Christ was all about relationships and that is why his ministry carries on today. I do not care what your status quo is, or how busy you are. We have worked with some of the largest professional and Pastors in the country and they always follow through.  

Think about it…..

Team IML