When Will the Church Stand Up?

I am posting this because I can’t stand seeing this in the media anymore. The US Government just provided 700 Billion for the Finance Companies to continue operating after their own failures and now on the table is 25 Billion for three US auto makers. This is ridiculous! The foreign auto makers aren’t asking for anything because they are not whipped by unions and other controllable forces. We live in a free market, business succeed and fail all the time from the type of leadership they have. Just because you have supported political campaigns in the past does not make you eligible for tax payers money to bail you out. 

When will the church stand up?

I just saw a stat yesterday that 1 out of 8 children in our own country is starving, not to mention the millions of children starving all over the world. These tax dollars could go to feed hungry children and provide clothes for them, instead we are compensating million dollar salaries and unions to operate. 

The church needs to be a voice for 2009. The church can influence millions of people each week, including our so called politicians in Washington. Lets focus on real problems and not the problems of failing companies. 

Please voice your opinion.

Team IML


One response to “When Will the Church Stand Up?

  1. I totally agree with you. 2009 should be the year of “change”. Change in the way that the church stands up as God’s agents. Business in America has been too fat and life is too easy. We are not even recognizing the 1 out of 8 children in our country.

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