The Power of 5 (Part 4 of 5) Culture

Culture seems to be a component that most ministries and organizations like to brush over. We feel that one of the real reasons the church is not growing is because of the lack of interest they have in different cultures. Each city across the country has a vast variety of different cultures. 

Understanding the world we live in is important especially when it comes to being real and relevant. If we are to share Jesus our Savior who we love so much, we have to understand the world we are presenting him in. This does not mean to be of the world, but to acknowledge it, to be able to connect with the people that need him most. 

We see many churches and ministry making a strong effort to reach out to different cultures that many would never even approach. One that we really admire is Crossover Church in Tampa, Fl. They specifically reach out to the hip hop culture. XXX Church is another that recently moved to Las Vegas to help people deal with the sin of Pornography. They have also been able to lead many adult entertainers out of the industry and into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

What are some ways you can connect with you local culture? Where are some areas that need Jesus the most?

We live in a dark world and we have to be the change. 

Team IML


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