The Power of 5 (Part 3 of 5) Marketing

One area that a lot of ministries lack is successfully Marketing to reach more people for Christ. One of the major problems is that fact that Churches and organizations try to copy the popular thing to do. How many flyers have you received in he mail targeting Christians to other churches? How much of your organizations budget is wasted on marketing that delivers no results?

Innovative Ministry Leader is extremely passionate about the relational aspect of Marketing. Mass Marketing has not been successful in a long time and there are many reasons for that. One is the amount of exposure we get each day from all types of advertising.

The personal touch of marketing is always effective for building relationships. It can’t always be about the largest impact, but more importantly it has to be about building solid relationships and retaining those relationships. That is how word of mouth happens, not just by the concept of it. 

We have listed two sites to check out that know a lot about marketing and can provide insight and information for your organization or ministry.

What are some ideas that you have incorporated into Marketing your Ministry or Organization?

Team IML


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