The Power of 5 (part 2 of 5) Worship

Worship is the second component that we consider to be a powerful component for the Power of 5. Worship is an key aspect to have an effective ministry or organization. This is our opinion but if you re looking to take the gospel to today’s culture Worship has to be innovative, original, and authentic. Yes, a huge emphasis is on Worship is as music, but taking it further it is the way we Worship God each day through our encounter with him and praising him. 

When it comes to the music of worship we are sad to see that even with the most Innovative Worship Leaders out today, there are very few in the Christian market that are really being original. We see a lot of copying of music, and not to much originality. We see a lot of churches that think hymns are the only way to worship and some that see hard rock is a better way.

Well when it comes to the progressive world, hymns are not that popular and viewed as cheesy church music and today’s Christian rock artist are not much different. (Yes this is an opinion but ask any non believer on the streets and this is what you will hear.) Worship Leaders need to learn to be original for who God created them to be. Hymns hundreds of years ago were the secular music and were very popular in pop culture. That was hundreds of years ago. Since then we have had electricity and some major changes. If your church is older and traditional learn how to write songs for God in the style that fits for your congregation. Don’t forget about reaching out to the lost, because I don’t think God created the Church for our entertainment.

If you are trying to be more cutting edge and reaching out to progressive culture, playing the latest Chris Tomlin song is not always cool to the world no matter how much you think it is. The world where people are hurting and seeking for something more do not even know who Chris Tomlin is. Write a song that cries out to God for what he does in your life and not what is popular on CCM radio. Share that with your congregations and lead them into a full encounter with God. Not that their is anything wrong with covering Worship that is written today, but make sure you are doing it for the Heart of Worship and not for entertainment. 

But more importantly than music, Worship God in every aspect of your life. Yes this is the hardest, because of everything we encounter each day. People see us every where we go, and witness our actions. Helping someone in need at the local Fast Food restaurant is pleasing to God and those that witness it. It will change lives. Be kind, generous and selfless. It will make a difference. 

Most importantly don’t hide from God, he knows our struggles and just wants us to recognize  that we depend on him each and everyday. 

Please share your insight on what Worship means to you? 

Team IML


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