The Power of 5 (Part 1 of 5) Leadership

Innovative Ministry Leader strongly believes that their are 5 key components for ministries to effectively deliver the gospel to TODAY’S culture. 

The first one is Leadership. Having viable and strong leadership is a must for any ministry, or organization. In today’s culture Leadership has to be adaptable to change, while making wise decisions for their organization. Centering around other mentors and leaders is a great way to grow and make a positive impact for your ministry. But most importantly, always seeking God’s will first.

There are so many concepts and views of how Leadership works and we tend to learn from them all. Be sure to check out our Blog Roll and Leadership section on the right side of this site. There you click on links from other Pastors and Leaders and read insight that they provide on a daily basis. 

What are some Leadership traits that you have learned?

Team IML


2 responses to “The Power of 5 (Part 1 of 5) Leadership

  1. Great thoughts on leadership and the need to be adaptable. I wrote a blog on this at titled building an adaptive workforce. I think that the blog is equally relevant for ministry. Check it out.

  2. Mike great site, look forward to reading it some more. Thanks for posting.

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