New Format/New Site Coming Soon

Here at Innovative Ministry Leader, we are striving to be a resource that will help you with your ministry. We have started a new format that we will launch starting next week. 

Each week we will commit to covering a topic each Monday. It might be written in series but it will be for discussion and sharing insight. Topics will range from many subject and as always feel free to write in articles if you wish to share.

On Tuesday we will focus a review of an album from a Worship Artist or Musician. We want to stay on top of Innovative albums to keep you connected.

Wednesday will feature book reviews from Innovative Authors around the world. This will give you insight from leaders of all types.

Thursday we will start to share what other churches and ministries are doing, to give you creative ideas and insights. It might be highlighting a series, church, or out of the box ministry to check out. Feel free to send links if there are ministries and churches we might not be aware about.

Friday will be a Free day where we might post the random of random things. Might be guest bloggers or something about the whether.

This format might change but we want to keep consistency on the site.

Also 2009, will be the official launch of Innovative Ministry Leader, which will be one of the first completely web based interactive resources the world has ever seen. It will truly be a tool that saves your church or ministry time, money, by providing the latest insight in Leadership, Worship, Marketing, Culture, and Technology. Stay tune as more information is revealed over the next few months. 

Feel free to sign up for our Email Feed and we will be sure to keep you updated.

Team IML


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