What if…. Technology was taken away

What if technology that we desire to be successful was completely taken away. 

No lights, no buildings, no sound, no more million dollar platform to glorify one church.

Would mega churches stand so mega? Could people still be saved?

Maybe we would have to rely 100% on relationships. 

How would you innovate?

Team IML


4 responses to “What if…. Technology was taken away

  1. Not a bad idea

    Maybe then we could become free to concentrate on being Christ’s body; His expression on this earth. Salt and light to make the world thirsty and to attract it. Lifting Jesus up so He will draw all men unto Himself. He is the real drawing card after all–not a world class performance.

    God bless,


  2. Great insight Cindy, I am getting ready to post more about this over the next few days.

  3. Without ample sound and lighting, I wonder if it would make large worship gatherings irrelevant. A large church might have to employ small group ministries (house churches).

    I wonder if it would mean we would have to reconstruct our church buildings to be more acoustic architecturally like the big cathedrals of years gone by. Just a thought.

    Without the technology, I would have to guess that small group gatherings would be the way to go which most churches are doing today.

  4. P.S. Something to think about: Without technology, it might completely reshape the church as we know it. It might cause an explosion in new churches everywhere if medium to large size churches had to split and divide. What a sight that would be! The churchs’ presence in the world might quadruple overnight.

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