This Beautiful Republic – Perceptions

This is a great group that has probably slipped under your radar if you have not heard of them by now. We have not found a single artist that can stand strong in both the faith based and secular market like, “This Beautiful Republic.” Their sound is a powerful melodic rock, that will stay in your head for days after listening. Being compared to artists such as Taking Back Sunday, Jimmy Eat Word, and even the Foo Fighters, they have a distinct sound that makes them original. 

The new album “Perceptions,” has many songs that you will grow to love. One of the opening songs is called “Learning to Fall,” which is a great testimony about falling away from God, and finding a way back to him. The chorus digs deep into falling on to your knees, surrendering all to God. It focuses on the importance of not trying to do all things on your own.

Our favorite song on the album is “Beautifully Broken” which states how God’s perception of ourselves is completely different than the way we should perceive ourselves. This is a song with strong lyrics and great dynamics.

“My God,” another powerful track, features singer Aaron Gillespie from the Almost and Underoath. This song focuses on losing touch with reality and coming back to God to be more real and transparent. 

We have to say this is one of our favorite new groups of the year. Lyrically and Musically, “Perceptions” is a solid album. This is clearly a band that has a strong testimony and the gift to reach out to people everywhere, unlike most Christian Artists and Bands. Be sure to pick up a copy today!

Team IML


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