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Practical Atheist

New series by Craig Groeschel this week. Check it out online starting Saturday if you can’t make it to a campus. Should be an amazing series.

Next week we begin our new format. Stay tuned!!!

Team IML


Perry Noble’s post on Video Teaching

Check out this great post that Perry posted on video teaching. Perry is the Lead Pastor at Newspring Church in South Carolina.

Team IML

NEW Next Week

Next week we will be starting a more consistent format for the blog. We will be discussing different topics, reviews, and other focuses for each week. We will launch the format starting on Monday. Have a great weekend.

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New Artist Search

We are looking for some new artists to possibly add to our Innovative Worship Leader List. If their are some artists or Worship Leader you know, please tell us about them and provide a link and we might do a feature review on them. 

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Good-Bye to Wireless Systems? FCC will vote NOV 4

On November 4, 2008, the FCC will vote on a proposal that will open TV band frequencies to new portable and mobile devices, without adequate interference protection for wireless microphones, in-ear monitors and other wireless production equipment, which are frequently used by houses of worship on a daily basis. This means that interference from these devices could significantly hinder services and performances in houses of worship and other venues, including public schools, universities, performing arts centers and arenas.

This is a major issue for Churches and other organizations around the country. Especially that they are voting on this in a few weeks. Lobbyists for major companies are slipping this on the down low, so it will be passed. 

Might want to research this and talk with your legislators. 

Let us know if your church would like to make a comment and I can have it sent and represented to the FCC. 

Team IML

RSS Feed and Email Just added!

I know it has been a while for us to get this up but you can now subscribe to Innovative Ministry Leader The Blog, but RSS and Email.  Check out the links at the top on the right side of the page.

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What if…. Technology was taken away

What if technology that we desire to be successful was completely taken away. 

No lights, no buildings, no sound, no more million dollar platform to glorify one church.

Would mega churches stand so mega? Could people still be saved?

Maybe we would have to rely 100% on relationships. 

How would you innovate?

Team IML