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“IT” How Churches and Leaders Can Get “it” and Keep “it” by Craig Groeschel

From the moment we picked up this book we could not put it down. This is one of the strongest leadership books we have ever read. We recommend “It” for leadership teams, business organizations, volunteers, or anyone that has ever had a dream. 

Craig Groeschel has such a humble attitude as he shares how began and the different struggles they have experienced a long the way. Craig starts out by saying he is not sure what “It” really is, but knows he has experienced it through the growth of his ministry and other ministries around him. 

“It,” is stated as being completely surrendered to Jesus with your ministry. It is more than beautiful buildings, popular programs, or the latest technology. An important point that Craig makes, is that “it” is not a model system, or result of programs. It can not be purchased, copied nor will everyone get it.

One of our favorite chapters goes into the importance of having a well defined Vision for your ministry or organization. Making sure that a vision is memorable (easy to state), portable (meaning people can take it with them and communicate it to others) and motivational (gets people excited). 

One of the biggest things we as an organization walked away from this book is the point Craig makes about keeping what we do simple and to the point. A lot of times Churches or Organizations will have hundreds of ministries, which most are not effective.  Craig shares that currently has five key things that they do. They are five things that they believe God has called them to do well. He expresses the importance of, “Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should do it.”

We admire that Craig makes a strong emphasis on the need to fail to be successful. What? Did he just say fail! YES! Failure is not an option, it is a necessity to be successful. Craig shares much insight on how has failed over the years, which has led to many of their successes. The book states that, “if your not failing, you’ve stop dreaming.” He goes on to explain that failure is a learning experience where you have to pick yourself back up, learn something and press forward. 

At the end of each Chapter, Craig presents questions to help define ideas, visions and other important aspects you should have for your ministry or organization. Throughout the book there are seven profiles of other Ministry Leaders and their churches with insight on how they began and achieved “IT” as well.

We just highlighted a few of the points that really stood out for us throughout this book. We are certain that after reading this book, you will walk away with so much. You will read ideas, on how to not only discover “It” but how to Enjoy “It” with others, do anything for “It,” want others to have “It,” share “It,” and how to keep “it.” 

This book is already on it second printing. You can purchase it directly at or

Team IML
“It” is published by Zondervan

2 responses to “Craig Groeschel’s NEW BOOK “IT”

  1. I am so glad “it” was helpful to you! Thanks for the great feedback! I pray God blesses you and your ministry in a big way!

  2. I’m curious to read the book. It seems ‘It’ always needs to be more a part of every ministry. Until then.

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