NEW ALBUM Lincoln Brewster “Today is the Day”

Next week on September 23, you MUST pick up the latest release from Lincoln Brewster, “Today is the Day.” This album is a fresh sound that worship leaders have been waiting for. The talent of Lincoln Brewster alone is amazing, but more than just catchy guitar rifts, “Today is the Day,” offers some strong melodies and lyrical content that you will be sure to want to introduce to your congregations.

The first song and single, is “Today is the Day.” This song is already starting to be used in churches across the country. It has a powerful, easy to remember chorus that is easy to engage with your audience. You will even hear a familiar song “Salvation is Here,” with a new spin.  A lot of times it is tough to mess with an original version of a song but like “Everlasting God,” Lincoln has done it again. The production of this song has added a different sound with some new loops and guitar parts from the original version, making it unique stronger than ever. Another track we picked up on was “Let Your Glory Shine.” It sounds like Van Halen meets John Mayer meets worship. It starts out with an incredibly raw guitar solo, that leads into a blues/rock worship vibe. 

There are so many words that could be used to describe this album, but our best advice is to pick a copy for yourself. Whether you are a fan of rock, blues, or jazz, we promise you will not be disappointed. 

Team IML


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