What are the needs of the small church?

What are the needs of the small church? 

or any size church. 

WIth thousands of resources and tools it can be hard to distinguish what is helpful and what is just another piece of material that is ineffective. 

Once we get some response, we will break down some of the needs into certain categories for discussion. 

Team IML


4 responses to “What are the needs of the small church?

  1. Just a few thoughts… Thinking more generally I think the small church is in need of…
    1. An educated leadership–I’m thinking mainly of discipleship and maturity.
    2. A unifying vision–unfortunately the unifying goal in some if not most small churches is focused on the physical necessities of maintaining the facilities. Instead of focusing on the gospel and God’s life changing power the emphasis all too often moves to ‘keeping the lights on.’

    Now, resources to this end… The answer is probably as simple as a generational shift in the churches understanding of discipleship. Which is probably not easy at all.

    To God Be the Glory,

  2. Jesse, great to have you here. Educated Leadership is an important quality. We really admire what you say about Unifying Vision. We would love to hear some ideas you have on Unifying Visions for the church.

  3. Jesse Crowley,
    I agree that the problem of maintaining facilities is unfortunate. Jesse, I’ve seen also in the mega church I used to attend that maintaining the facility is a huge concern. Jesse, I’m worried the “maintaining facilities” is a huge glaring expenditure on the [American] (big “C”) Church’s budget and that, as a result, too many resources are going to under utilized buildings, and not enough are going to love our neighbors.

    If churches are super small, I don’t see why they don’t just meet in homes, or share buildings – perhaps meeting on different nights of the week, or days.

    Trinity Grace Church (formerly Origins Church) is doing some interesting stuff in New York City sharing building space.

  4. Jesse P. do you have any links for Trinity Grace Church in New York.
    I think you bring a good point about giving more to love our neighbors. I don’t know if you are aware of a similar project where Francis Chan decided to build an amplitheater instead of a building to be able to give more away to missions. Even our platform here at IML is completely web based, we travel to all our speakers and partners and run offices home based and with borrowed spaces. We feel the more we are able to give to missions the more successful we will be. We plan to stay this way even when we launch in 2009 and keep the same motive as we grow, not moving to structured offices and facilities unless it is absolutely necessary. Just because we can afford it doesn’t mean we need to spend it.

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