Chris Tomlin “Hello Love”

We had a chance to listen to an advance copy of Chris Tomin’s new album, “Hello Love.” What we really admire about Chris Tomlin is the anointing that God has given him over his career. “Hello Love” is a solid release, with the power anthems and expressive words to God that Chris has always been known for. 

Here are Chris’s words on the new album:

We need to introduce ourselves to love again.

With each new record, I continue to strive to create songs that will help people voice their worship to God. I hold this as a great responsibility when I begin to think about what the overall recording will look like. Worship is a massive word with a very broad scope, but in the end, it is very simple. It is love! It’s our response in love to our great God who loved us first. As well, it’s our love for others.

Hopefully these songs will renew in some way or stir up again your love for God and His people.

It’s pretty exciting these days to see the Church awaken to the portion of it’s calling where it serves the “least of these,” where we carry those less fortunate than ourselves not just in a special place in our hearts, but in our finances, our energy, our life. And the motive and heart behind all of it is love. That’s it. More simply put, worship is “love with legs.” It’s on the move! It’s not just words and melody.

As Paul says so well in 1 Cor. 13:13
“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

“Sing Sing Sing,” is the opening track and comes out with the power anthem style that he is well known for. It centers around singing to God for all his praises. “God of this City.” is another song that is a cry for how God is greater than our cities worldwide and how they belong to him. Both of these songs were released live on the latest Passion album as well. 

“Jesus Messiah,” is another favorable song that you will hear in many churches this year. This is a solid God Centered song, of which all the glory is to God and his Love. 

“You Lifted Me Out” is one of our favorites on the new record. It has a more upbeat worship style, with an extremely catchy chorus. It shares as a powerful testimony of how God truly gives us life and freedom.

One song you will be sure to introduce to your congregations is “Love.” We are amazed of the dynamics of this song. It starts off with a soft feel, and goes to such an energetic dynamic by the end of the song. The song speaks the overall message of this album. 

We strongly believe that Chris Tomlin has had so much success because of his humble attitude of always putting God first in Worship. Chris has been an innovator in Worship Music since his first album. He writes and composes songs that are simple for the average Worship Leader to use on a weekly basis. Even though this album maintains the consistency(sound and style) of his previous albums, the anointing of his Worship is even more powerful. 

You can pick up a copy of “Hello Love” by Chris Tomlin on September 2. It will serve as a valuable resource in leading others through an intimate experience with a deeper meaning of the love God intended us to have.  

Team IML

Check out great resource for Chris Tomlin and the new album at


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